Hafler Trio Any Fans Here?

Is anyone a fan of the Hafler Trio? The little bit I have heard I have enjoyed. Hard to find fans of him around where I live. I personally prefer his earlier touch releases, his newer stuff on Important I can’t really get into.

oh yeah. i haven’t really heard the any new stuff, but now i’m curious.

i was lucky enough to see hafler trio live in portland… i’m going to say maybe 1990? it was in the small room downstairs at the melody ballroom - about an hour of amazing textures and manipulations in pitch black darkness. i lost all sense of space. the night before, i caught andrew mckenzie “sitting in” on bass with anal solvent at the x-ray cafe.

wish there was more stuff available for streaming.

YES!..blast from the past…i’m going into the cellar to try and find the old CD i used to rinse

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This is a very good “full name” for the message board. You should consider using it or I may have to change mine from “business techno all night long”.


ha, it’s all yours! as i look at it now, that is a completely ridiculous (but extremely portland) sentence to write.


Thank you and done! The PNW always does a better job of parodying itself than any tv show could ever do.

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That sounds like a great show. In 1990 I was -2 years old. I’m sure seeing him live must have been a trip. The 1990s seem like a great time.

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What CD’s do you own?

i think i have a few CDs but they’re all packed away - i don’t even think i have a working CD player right now, sadly. i do have a bunch of records, I think i have “bang - an open letter” and “seven hours sleep” as well as the H3OH bootleg and maybe some other stuff? i swear i had the autechre/hafler trio thing on vinyl but maybe i don’t anymore. weird! maybe it’s misfiled…