Greece / Greek Islands - Tips & Places To Go

I’m thinking of taking myself off for a week on the lonesome in August. Work has me at breaking point and I need a complete break from it all.

Been looking at Greece or the islands. Anyone any tips or recommendations? Nothing too hectic, but maybe a few bars, record shops, places to unwind and literally do nothing?


Naxos and Paros are both lovely.


in 2014 a pal married a Greek girl on the island of Samos, with a party afterwards on another nearby island Icaria. Was lovely in every sense. incredibly friendly and unspoilt. nobody wearing crash helmets. wild roads. We got there by flying to Athens and then getting the overnight ferry across. Loved it. Massive refugee crisis since then of course and tension with the Turks which may have changed things but I’ll always have fond memories hearing a folk band at 3am whilst we feasted on a recently cooked hog roast.


I’ve never come across record shops or bars with decent music except maybe in Mykonos ( which is now cripplingly expensive) but dont let that put you off as such a great place
Id recommend Halkidiki on mainland, as its mainly Greeks + Serbians it seems a lot better value / lower prices

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