Great Discogs Lists

I often end up in a rabbit hole pursuing a specific genre on Discogs via the charts… often just so I can understand a genre that has baffled me before (I’m still recovering from the confusion bought on by the acid jazz totally wired series - don’t you care !! - how did that get in there?)

Here’s a few I bookmarked

Anyone else ?


Can I also put my own here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love me some musical OCD.


That one runs deep

People write books with less content lol


Some crackers there. Show looks great too. Anything with two dissident releases including one of Ben’s is alright in my book. Like and subscribe (lol)

Can’t believe there’s205 ! . It takes (took) talent to not create a disposable £1.99 bargain bin release by the looks of things… the list is pretty well split between £2 bargain bin and £20 pricey

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I’m only slightly ashamed to say that I’ve read that entire thread.

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We actually have a thread about this here, I’ll look it up.

EDIT: Here: Favourite discogs lists

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Ah sorry missed that

Hah ! Yeah me too, that level of trainspotting is exactly the sort of escapism I need

1 Like is a serious digger and dj and most of his techno/house lists are full of classic tracks, but the one I appreciate most is his dub list. Seriously great list of dub and roots reggae records

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Several times & made notes like revising at school ( or just me?)

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More than once for sure.

Sean p approved boogie gems.

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Before I get attached, are they all a mortgage payment each?

Tip ! Cheers

Is a toss up between using synths, drum machines, records or clothes as a way to be irresponsible with money. safe genres like New Beat are now unobtanium due to brexit inspired shipping charges :frowning:

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