Good old fashioned political grifting

I saw this:

…and it reminded me just how shady politics is. You could most hear the dollar signs when Trump found out about NFTs.

Trump selling sneakers was pretty bad too. Brazilian ex-president Jair Bolsonaro selling jewelry he got as illegal gifts from Saudi and other arabic businessmen was even more pathetic. Politics just attracts that kind of person I guess.


One of my hats is that I push for education reform and advocate for IEPs in the immigration space and it’s quite common to be in a meeting with two people who publically hate each other allegedly but privately have the exact same agenda with regards to how much they should be paid for their vote/voice on an issue.

The best form of political grifting is if you follow stocks that politicians buy and sell. They come out of meetings and make huge investments almost immediately, Tubberville and Pelosi the most successful. You can download trackers to see what they’re up to.


Sneakers, bibles, wheelchairs, he’ll sell them all.