Go to albums on a sunny day

What are your favorite records to pull out when the weather is sweet but your stuck indoors? I usually head straight for the Brazilian pile and quite often this one.


Man I have absolutely no idea what Jorge is saying on that album but it still manages to be extremely moving.

A couple sunny day favorites:


Not an album but rather my go to sunny day playlist (works best on shuffle)-

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I like to burn sausages to this


Great topic!

These are what I had on today with the french doors open and kids in the paddling pool, both work extremely well.

Also anything by Jon Hassell is perfect in hot weather.


Recent favourite.


I just discovered that album the other day while looking for some suitably chilled summery music. Great stuff

Nice one for the link.

It’s going down well on a chilly-ish autumnal morning in New Zealand.

I like the Azymuth track above, also anything by Gregory Isaacs when the sun is warm (and listen in January to wish it was).

Love this https://youtu.be/AbnM0UabkbU