Ghetto tech (no prisoners)

Was just listening to the forthcoming 12" from Telephones which takes some of its cues from Ghetto-tech, albeit in a very Telephones fashion.

Got to admit I don’t know that much about it, so hip me to your tips on the genre that political correctness forgot.

This is the kind of vibe I like


@Nina.Stranger and @Donald.Dust could probably weigh in on this one as well.

I did my radio show this month as a straight up 2 hour no talking mix that takes in a lot of the ghettotech favourites.

If the link fails, go here.

Pump It (Do That Dance) - DJ Funk
Deep Techno - Baby Pop
Work That Mutha Fucker - Steve Pointdexter
Ambulance (Remixed by Armando) - Robert Armani
Ambulance - Robert Armani
Soundtrack (Original Mix) – Drivetrain
Yes It’s Right (Original Mix) - Craig Loftis
Juke Dat Girl From Tha Back - Gant-Man
Turbine - Clarence G
Explorer - Green Velvet
2 B Free - DJ Deeon
Quiescent Noise - Justin David
House The Groove - DJ Funk
Quetzal - Los Hermanos
Dik Juice - Baby Pop
Water_Walker - Drexciya
Hit It From The Back - Traxmen & Eric Martin
Work It - DJ Funk
The Groove - Houz’ Mon
Groove la Chord - Aril Brikha
Saturn - DJ Milton
Technision – Baruka
Quahya - Octave One
Let Me See You Butterfly (Original Mix) - Paul Johnson
Do It (135 Mix) - Starski and Clutch
Feel My M.F. Bass - Paul Johnson
The Original Video Clash II - DJ Funk
Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit - Unspecified Enemies
Sandwiches (Original 12’ version) - Detroit Grand Pubahs
Untitled - Bamboo Curtain
Ghett-o-freak - Technasia
Vandalism - DJ Assault
Dik N Ballz - Dj Deeon
Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Hoe Too - DJ Slugo
Loop 2 - Kenny Larkin
Up - Robert Armani
Extra - Ken Ishii
Primus – Sterac
I Wanna ! - DJ Rush
Work this M.F. - Dj Puff & Deeon
Every Freak’n Day - DJ Funk
R U Married - D.I.E.
Scream - DJ Milton
Flash – Fix
One Time On The Mic (original) - Coon Daddy & DJ Godfather
Inspiration - Galaxy 2 Galaxy
Dik Work (Nightlark Edit) - DJ Funk
Remote Control Hornet – Elecktroids
Big Booty Hoes And Sluts Too (Inst) [Explicit] - Mr. De’
Big Booty Hoes And Sluts Too (Vocal) [Explicit] - Mr. De’
Houseomatic - DJ Deeon
Mia feat tek - Tek Brothers
Club 303 - DJ Assault
Whonleeone - Original Mix - Mr. De’
Up Down - Mr. De’
Drum To Drum - DJ Slugo


The all time classic (in my opinion) is Bitch Ass Darius’ magnum opus “Follow The Sound”

If link fails, go here.


1a Janet Jackson What Have You Done For Me Lately 0:13
1b Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It’s True
2 Arpeggiators Discover Your Innerself 0:24
3 Jammin Gerald Holy Ghost 0:55
4 DJ Deeon Presents DJ Puff Work This M.F. 0:33
5 The Wesley Willis Fiasco Jesus Is The Answer 0:12
6 8-bit Construction Set Dollars 1:04
7 DJ Deeon Freaks 0:51
8 Jammin G* & DJ Chip Hold Up 0:45
9 DJ Deeon Let Me Bang 0:12
10 DJ Clent Hit It From The Back 0:32
11 Unknown Artist Ride Me Baby 0:19
12 DJ Assault Techno Freak 0:12
13 Perspects Desire & Efficiency 0:38
14 Wink* Higher State Of Consciousness 2:47
15 The Aphex Twin* Isoprophlex 0:45
16 DJ Assault Mouth Blew Out 0:25
17 DJ Funk Work It 0:05
18 Trick Daddy Nann Nigger 1:05
19 Mr. De’ Whatulike 1:04
20 Bitch Ass Darius Fu*k It 0:41
21 John Tejada Bypass 1:23
22 Bitch Ass Darius Straight Fu*k It 0:12
23a Remote (5) The Swarm 1:56
23b DJ Assault Jungle Love
24 Michael Jackson Rock With You 1:04
25 Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock It Takes Two 1:00
26 Unknown Artist Fuck All Of You 0:09
27 Unknown Artist I Wanna Fyiym 0:22
28 Unknown Artist Evolution 0:43
29 Flat Circuit Feel My D.I.Y.M. 0:43
30 Rhythim Is Rhythim Strings Of Life 0:10
31 Jammin’ The House Gerald* Mutha F_____ Party Hype 0:43
32 Bodenständig 2000 Ruxack 2000 0:29
33 DJ Godfather Playa Haters In Dis House 1:19
34 DJ Chip Where Tha Playa’s 0:22
35 Paul Johnson Not Normal 1:15
36 Paul Johnson Come & Get It 1:49
37 Aux 88 Untitled 0:55
38 DJ D-Man Dooky Boody 2:53
39 Jaydee Plastic Dreams 0:34
40 Unknown Artist Move 0:48
41 Jeff Mills Kat Race 2:03
42 DJ Milton Tap Dat Ass 0:45
43 Freak Nasty Down Low 1:13
44 Mr. De’ Dat Niggaz Revenge 0:52
45 DJ Nasty Sperm Doner 0:34
46 DJ Fatman Feels Great 0:29
47 DJ Slugo Presents DJ Jackmaster* Hey Stuck Up Hoe… 0:17
48 DJ Thadz Mutha Fuc*a 0:11
49 DJ Chip Aw Shit (Female Version) 0:24
50 Ectomorph Parallax View 1:03
51 Unknown Artist RAW 0:57
52 2-Bit Project Oooh Eee 0:23
53 DJ Assault Asses Jigglin 1:32
54 Mr. De’ Time Space Scrilla 0:12
55 DJ Assault Ass-N-Titties 1:38
56 Acen Close Your Eyes 0:49
57 DJ D-Man Contact 0:36
58 Model 500 No UFO’s (D-Mix) 0:37
59 DJ Chip Bang Ski 0:30
60 DJ Smurf (2) Oohh Lawd (Party People) 0:28
61 David Rose Little House On The Prairie 0:40
62 DJ Assault Hoes Get Naked 0:24
63 DJ Assault Drop Dem Panties 0:49
64 Robin S. Show Me Love 1:50
65 X-Ile R U Ready 0:37
66 Gant-Man Still Bangin 1:01
67 DJ Deeon X-TA-C-2 1:13
68 DJ Greedy & Sleepy G Taste Like Chicken 1:51
69 D.J. Slugo* Smoke-N-Ride 0:37
70 DJ Godfather Untitled 0:30
71 Mr. De’ Up Down 0:17
72 Mr. De’ Sex On The Beach 2:15
73 D.J. Oguls Vulture City 0:12
74 DJ Flint We Can Feel It 0:24
75 Bodenständig 2000 In Rock 16 Bit 1:23
76 Trick Daddy Shut Up (Edited For Street) 1:36
77 DJ Assault Check Stub 0:36
78 Gangsta Boo Where Dem Dollas At 1:11
79 Thomas Kendricks The Street Beater (RX) 1:16
80 Ginuwine Pony 3:53

The motherlode! thank you

ooh i’ll reply with some big ones later

Never heard of this genre :thinking: and for this I’m out…

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You’re familiar with Chicago House and Jesse Saunders presumably?

Jesse was credited (fairly, unfairly, or self credited) as producing the first house record with his semi cover of Mach - On & On. In 1985 he founded Dance Mania records, which kept a quite rough, raw sound. By 86 you have records on Trax like Jack Master Dick’s “Sensuous Woman Goes Disco

in 87 you have records like “Git The Hole”

Dance Mania sort of becomes a home for this type of crude vocal’d Chicago House, and the tempo rises over the years, but this is really just an extension of the original Chicago House sound. It’s never going to win over people who prefer getting teary eyed over Chris Rea tracks at sunset, but it’s not really the demographic. To write it all off is a bit of a shame in my opinion.

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Yeah I guess I was thinking about when it became it’s own distinct genre. So hooning along at 140bpm odd rather than a house tempo.

Edit. Oh I think that was directed at the poster above.

There’s Ghettotech, Ghetto House, Juke, Jit and probably a few other variations that i have forgotten to mention, some are mostly from Chicago, some are from Detroit. A dj set could be comprised of one sound (DJ Funk and DJ Assault would often do sets of stuff from them or their associates) but a more interesting set would take from a few different places and just make them work by playing them super sped up, or even at 45rpm to get the right sound.

Super fun to play, but you aren’t really going to go to an all-dayer of that type of music generally.

Yeah, i was responding to the person directly above my previous comment.

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Back when this stuff was just starting to get a bit more widespread notoriety outside of Detroit, I was working for XLR8R magazine and we threw a party with DJ Assault, his first appearance in San Francisco. Assault came to town and the editor/publisher/head designer took him out to get Indian Food the night before the gig. At one point the waitress came up to Assault and said to him, “Excuse me for asking, but what is your ethnicity? You look Indian to me!” and he replied, “Yeah, I’m Indian…Slap-a-Hoe Indian!” at which the waitress frowned and excused herself and the rest of the table groaned and hid their faces in embarrassment.

The next night at the gig, the lead designer of the magazine had cornered Assault and was bending his hear about how inspiring the music was and how much he loved ‘ass & titties’, just effusively praising the man, who was staring slackjawed at a point somewhere in the distance. Mid sentence, Assault interrupted the man praising him and shouted abruptly, “WHERE DA BAFROOM AT”.

Gotta love him.


“Check Stub” is my JAMMMMM

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I caught Assault when Mo Wax were touring him and Magic Mike together in the UK, it was great. Some people i know booked DJ Funk to play, and for some reason or other took him to a wedding, i’d need to find out if i can even recount that story tbh.


i’m here for the track titles! :joy:

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Sherelle’s Bangface set from 2020 has a lot of this speedy Juke stuff as well.

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like the little Erotic City lift in this one