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Woah that’s as bad as England’s performance in the group stage lol

Shaun supposed to be clean then too

Top shit housery by Pickford


Not a hat-trick, but I’d like to think this kindly soul helped somewhat.


Ha ha ha! :joy::joy::joy:

Is that real?

It’s not it harps back to a tackle Pickford made on VVD which played a part if not did rupture his ACL.

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Koemen needs to dry his eyes. He should not have been on the pitch in 1993 after a clear and obvious professional foul on David Platt who was clear on goal. Koemen then went onto score a free kick to deny England qualifying for the World Cup in 94.


tbf I never doubted them :laughing:


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I remember it all too well, kept Virg out of the euros last time as his shithouse assault injured him for 12 months. I can’t stand the fidgety prick.

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Do I not like that.


Predictions? I’m going with 3-0 Spain

England to win. 2-1.

One nil England

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1-1, England on penalties (I don’t think there’s any logic to it either :upside_down_face:)

could be 3-1 Spain, or a hilarious 5-4 england after penalties

I came into this tournament cynical as far as England were concerned but i’m fucked now cos the hope has got me :confounded:
Had a good feeling about the game yesterday but more nervous today, only one thing is certain, it won’t be easy for England cos it never, ever is.


Fuck it, 3-2 England aet

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