First Turntable

Rega Planar 1 or Project T1? Asking for a daughter who has £300 to buy her first turntable (I have to buy the amp and speakers)

Anyone any experience with either? I know which way I would go but would welcome any thoughts.

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I had a Rega where you had to change the speed by doing the rubber band underneath. Honestly it’s such a pain in the arse to do… If it’s that one might be worth a think on it…


I have a soft spot for the Rega but yes the belt thing is a pain. I’d still get it because I like them better than the Pro Ject just for design and legacy’s sake.

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I’ve spent my whole life moving a belt, so that’s nothing new. She’s well aware of it and currently only owns albums anyway. She looked at a project that had speed selector and said that looks horrible, don’t’ want that one.

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Id choose rega over project.

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The belt thing is a big faff in my experience. I’ve got a Linn and if i want to play something at 45 i go to another room!
The Regas do seem well regarded. For a fraction of the budget i’d go 2nd hand. Something Japanese from the early 80s: Technics, Trio, Pioneer etc. But its nice to own something new i guess


Yes, new is important, she’s been saving a long time.

I’ve sourced some secondhand klipsch speakers and still looking for an amp, so only fair to treat herself to something that isn’t used.

I’ve got a rega 1 and think it’s great. Had it around 8 years and no problems. The belt is a faff but only really use it for albums so don’t change it much

Rega is a classic. I appreciate the belt is inconvenient but you get used to it… and is beautiful to look at. Project 6 is a great turntable but the really cheap ones aren’t great to look at … despite sounding great

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I have a linn and bought a Hercules adaptor from Stamford Audio. They’re about £250, dead easy to fit and it gives you 45rpm at the push of a button.

lots of reasons not to get this if you are an audiophile but more robust and easier and just more fun than the Rega imo Audio Technica AT-LP140XP Direct Drive Professional DJ Turntable (black) at Juno Records.

Also sounds great and can upgrade the cartridge etc for better sound… I used to have the rega but after many years (20?) it started being inconsistent with the speed so got this… happy

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It’s on the list! So is a service/decent cartridge.
I should offload one of several ‘spare’ Technics for an upgrade really

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