Facebook Music Group Recommendations

We all know FB is a shitshow, but I’m on there a lot for work and ting. Are there any good Facebook groups centered around music that aren’t bloody World of Echoes of Balearic Burger? Thinking more akin to Richard Norris’ Group Mind page, which is very much a “safe space” devoid of whoppers and wankers, much like our beloved forum here.

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I sometimes lurk on these:

Bleep43 for detroit/electro
Les Yeux Orange for dark-ish electronic stuff
Electric Disco, Eclectics and Musica Noche -all good on bally side

Generally tho i’ve found them all a bit quiet of late.

I sometimes try to get topics moving on my own wall but no response these days. Everyone hates me or they have lives to lead

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The rules on some of these aforementioned groups are totally counter intuitive imo. No duplicates, no house, make sure you tag this and that. Get over yourselves, honestly. Really puts me off contributing. I’d much rather hang out here.


I think also that everything gets fragmented on fb when people instinctively gravitate twds one playground where everybody hangs out.

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Can’t Stop Dancing was a good one until recently when movement slowed.

The Be With Reissue Request Line is my favorite: Redirecting...

Modern Soul Vinyl is full of great track IF you can stand the comments from Modern Soul collectors. Can get insufferable, but I have learned of much amazing music there.

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