Esoteric Techno / Artificial Intelligence

I love this sound. When it’s right it’s so right. A couple of favourites.


Now we’re talking, this was the future for me in the mid 90s and the transition from indie to new musical dimensions! Three to start…


Lemon Sol is half Mark7. I’d love to hear him do more in that vein but slower…

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One more…

I can vividly remember this being played at Oscillate in the Moseley Dance Centre in Birmingham, must have been 94/95. There were giant parachutes covering the ceiling, people were lounging around on cushions, which they had brought themselves, I think this was even suggested on the fliers.

It was before Spanners had been released, I’d not heard this before but I absolutely knew that it had to be the Black Dog. The melody is so unique it was instantly imprinted on my brain. Every time I listen to this it takes me straight back there.


The whole album is great, and not massively well known I think compared to the stuff on Warp, R&S (are we still allowed to mention them?) etc. that was released at the same time.

@joeblackcircles was at that very gig. Another one with Autchere and Mu-ziq at the Que Club round that time.

This EP is essential


@Boshbish Yup went to that one too! I seem to remember they had parachuted the main hall I think.

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The Balil tracks in particular give me all the feels:


Nice thread

Was just listening to this last week. Picked up from Fat Cat many years ago and now going for ridiculous money.

Video clip isn’t the greatest quality (could probably do with pitching down a bit too) but you get the gist


This is a beauty too


Love this one. There was a big thread on ‘what happened to Nuron’ somewhere. All sorts of rumours.

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If you ever come across it again, let me know. I’d like to read that

New one for me. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

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Totally, one of the sounds I always go back to, never tire of it. Remember buying the first Artificial Intelligence LP from Our Price in Bath when it came out, still sounds amazing now…

Gotta have one from there


One of my favourite Kenny Larkin tunes, too short by far but still a beautiful piece of music

A more recent favourite from PST


That Stasis Point of no Return is amazing still

Here’s a few I really love

The DSN meets HIA album is brilliant

Luke Slaters 7th Plain The 4 Cornered Room might just be in my all time top 10 Techno albums. Hard to pick a fave track


This is also great by Nuron. Their seems to be an Likemind compilation in the pipeline.


Nuron has new music out, on de:tuned. First came out last year, new one out shortly. New one sounds great

3 of my absolute favourites…enjoy!