Equiknoxx Music

Loving this messed up bashment reggae house anything goes label…

The music, the whole aesthetic, the names of the versions (“Ring the Alarm for dinner my little parrot”) and their take on house. Super good. Shout to Tom Dubwise Vinyl and Lexx who both sent me the Elephant Man tune which is fucking ace and available at Idle Hands in Bristol.


Lots of good stuff from them. This one from a few years ago is still a favourite.

And enjoying this new one. Also a Dubwise insta tip.

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This is ace.

Had that Elephant Man tune on repeat when I first heard it.

This is great in so many ways:

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Any outfit that names a song “Enter a raffle, Win a Falafel” has got my vote :rofl:

That ernestus version of Congo get slap is a killer aswell


Hahaha. That’s amazing.

Mate of mine made a short film about them. Went to the premiere over here, hadn’t heard of them before that, but love what they do.

Here’s the film


just saw this on twitter, forthcoming on their label, *could probably go in RnB aswell (sorry mods)

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Ah wicked. Thanks for sharing that.

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loved the Shanique Marie track with Finn, excited by this

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New Shanique Marie album sounding magnificent