Email Updates

Hey All. Was out with a couple of mates earlier and they said they were getting updates from the forum on email. I’ve hopefully disabled those now but really sorry about that as I didn’t know they were going out. This should be, like the website, a quiet place to discover and hopefully find some stuff, or people, you like and not a place where you’ll be peppered with emails. So sorry about that. If you still get them can someone give me a heads up. Ta. :v:t3:


there’s a function in “preferences” which needs amending by the user. I think the default setup has emails enabled.

tap on your icon, go to preferences
select emails in the right-hand dropdown
select “never”, if you wish…


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I can also fix them the admin side I think so I’ve turned them off. No one needs that in your inbox heheh.

I didn’t mind it to be honest, prompted me to come back and have a nose about. It’s because I’m a certain age - I SAID, ITS BECAUSE IM A CERTAIN AGE.

All good either way.


Heh. Do you forget things Scott?

I have no idea what you’re on about.