Elbee Bad has (not) passed away

March 9th, 2021 Mr. BaD left the planet.

For years to come music created by the Legend eLBee BaD will continue to be released

I will ensure that. More about me, a moment or 3 later.

Survived by the twins he raised Lavi & Leni of Berlin

Two talented individuals that will glow with light in the light as they receive the light.

Noel of Berlin, the sun he never knew of, until sun turned 21 (thanks to mother’s ‘foul’ thinking)

And I, Leon of Nassau, the eldest sun. We’ve never met face to face & that was being planned for the year 2021. No need to express the fury over the life stop, due to the 19.

My mother was soon on way to marriage, when the NY family reunited home, in the Bahamas.

My Dad passed in 2017, with the thought against the doctors words, that he could father. Mother & I were all love with him, yet we kept our secret. I have posters of (eL) my father, yet my Dad never questioned my attraction to eLBee BaD. 2018 my mother contacted him. She hadn’t told him of me, yet she said she would come to Europe, with a huge surprise.

I’ve more than followed his career. I’ve stuck to every musical (& visual) piece of Art in public view.

The one story my mother always spoke of with happiness & pride:

Walking on beach, we would sing Jimmy Cliff’s song so loud that either we’d bother people or get huge smiles. With him there was no middle ground, extreme one way or the other. The line “I’d rather be a free man in my grave” was the screamer. The man BAD - true to self - & searched truth

Filled with envy of the twins, for I can only imagine an opportunity to grow up in the HOUSE of a music legend. Sad, so sad we never looked into each other’s eyes, nor did I get to feel his hands of magnificence. Nor did I get to hear his voice directly. Thru the internet I’ve grown to know it, & can imitate his NY accent well, for I feel it’s partly mine.

My goal is to ensure the music and his ideology continues to flow…

Also survived by L.B. GooD, The Nervous DJ, Mad Man in the Attic, The VooDoo Man and truth be told

eLBee BaD has much music created over 30 years ago, up until March 2021; still to be released.

Leon. New administrator of his world of BaDness. LaRhon lives.

BaD lives. (rhymes with digs)


The guy had so many jams, and i definitely always appreciated his slightly offbeat approach to music.

This was always a firm favourite of mine.


Shit, not another one…so many good tunes…R.I.P.


RIP the price. The music was indeed kickin’.

RIP to the Prince. Many moments of truly bugged out house genius

This did my head in when I heard it (some years after Smokebelch)


He’s still alive … He just buried his artist name ELBEE BAD (as far as I understood) - - - RA already took back the “obituary” (without further comments)

A weird way to announce it then via his long lost sun :partly_sunny:

Get Davina McCall on the case

An odd move, but not something completely out of character for him i guess.

I’m glad he is still able to keep making his brand of left of center dance jams.

I have seen a couple of posts on Instagram this morning saying RIP again

Yes confirmed on RA now (again). Early house artist Elbee Bad has died · News ⟋ RA

Just a bit awkward that all the songs have been posted here already. I can’t think of any others to mark his true passing.



At least he presumably got to see all the tributes to him before he passed, which rarely happens.


Jeez, a real blast from the past…Remember buying this in Mi Price in Croydon…

Him actually dying is REALLY FUCKING WEIRD and quite dark. RIP (again)


Innit. Maybe he’d been sick for a while?

I found the post about his death weird by it mentioning ‘no foul play’. Not often you hear people say that apart from the police

Yeah, agreed