Edinburgh recommendations?

Next week I’m visiting Edinburgh for the first time

Do you forum members have some tips for second hand record shops (house, disco), pubs, nature etc

Thanks in advance!

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My home town. Where are you staying? I can give lots of tips for nature and great walks etc. will you have your own transport?

(I’ve moved your post to the “Places” section… keeping it tidy! :slight_smile:

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Second hand record shops are a bit hit and miss. Underground Solu’shn on Cockburn St usually have a decent selection of second hand as well as new stuff, reckon that’d be your best bet.

Paradise Palms bar has its own records section, might be worth a look too. Bar is OK, bit lacking on decent craft beers. Vegan food there is expensive and not all that great IMO.

Lioness of Leith on Duke Street is my local, good beers, good food, quirky and nice clientele and staff are really nice. Has music on playlists, usually Hip Hop, Soul, old stuff. No fucking Rock :+1:

Nauticus Bar further along Duke Street is also pretty good, bar staff are excellent and very welcoming and friendly. Great cocktails.

I don’t really drink in town very much, but The Black Cat Bar on Rose Street is OK. Unfortunately they’ve had issues with their gas lines since the Summer, and as a result I’ve stopped going there. The beer is flat as fuck, used to be great. Maybe they’ve fixed it now.

The other bar I like in town is The Bow Bar on Victoria Street. A proper old man’s bar! Great craft and cask ales, they do brilliant pies also. Reccomended.

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Record Shops:

Elvis Shakespeare
Vox Box
Vinyl Villains
Underground Solu’shn
Oxfam (in Stockbridge)
Greenhouse Records
Record Shack (If you can persuade the guy to let you enter)
Paradise Palms (We’re in the middle of sorting out the stock rn)
Tall Paul’s Record Stall by The Meadows

Arthur’s Seat (in the center of town)
Calton Hill (nice for sunset)
The Royal Botanic Garden
The Pentlands (if you have a car, or fancy the bus ride)
The walking trails to either Newhaven, or The Water Of Leith
The city itself is actually very nice to walk around in, just take a right or left turn and walk down one of the side streets.

The cocktail bar culture of the city is good, but that doesn’t seem like the vibe of the users of this site tbh.

Auntie Flow is playing in The Bongo Club next Saturday for the Hobbes Music night if you want to be around similar types of people to the ones that hang out on this site.

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Elvis Shakespeare is garbage, avoid! As is Record Shack. As is Oxfam in Stockbridge (pricing is ridiculous, more than Discogs often)

IMHO of course!

Don’t Athens of the north have a shop in Edinburgh?

I’ve found cheap, good records in all of these places.

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Brilliant. I’ve not been so lucky :+1:

Thanks, your extensive reactions are heart warming. @chavikus: I´m staying in the area of Meadowbank. Don´t have a car so depending on feet or public transport.

Arthur’s Seat is on your doorstep in that case. Take a walk round the “Radical Road” which circles the hill, to Duddingston Village and the Sheep’s Heid pub. They have an old school skittles lane out the back.

Meadowbank is also within easy reach of Portobello, Edinburgh’s beach! There’s an original Victorian Turkish Bath which is worth a visit


If you make it to Stockbridge, as mentioned above, take the Water of Leith footpath to the Gallery of Modern Art.

If you have time to get out of town, Roslin Glen is easy to get to by public transport.

Rosslyn Chapel is worth a look in if you make it…

I could go on… :slight_smile:



Old Eastway Tap on Easter Rd is fairly near you, probably the best craft ale house nearby.

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Another vote for the Lioness of Leith. Also Teuchter’s Landing is nice if the weather is good. Leith Depot does a good reggae soul night upstairs.

I used to walk along the Water of Leith to Stockbridge most Sundays where there’s a market with food stalls etc. You can then go to the Botanic Gardens and Inverleith Park (usually a picnic and game of table tennis). In Winter I would go to the Last Note for a whiskey next to the fire :slightly_smiling_face:

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Last Word?

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Yeah that’s the one

Having a whisky by the fire in that bar is so ridiculously cosy.


Seconded, really cool. I love Edinburgh, loads of good wee food spots are popping up. I’ve got my eye on The Palmerston Anyone been?

I went two weekends ago on a Sunday afternoon, expensive, but amazing. Had severe fomo just looking at what others had ordered, even though what I had was very enjoyable. Grabbed a semlor bun on the way out, as they had fresh ones.


Ooft some lively looking scran there, I’m sold!

I see Edinburgh Street Food (at the Omni?) has opened too. Looks the same sort of format as you see more of round the country, but worth a look?