Eddy Grant - Timewarp/Nobody's Got Time

So I had this playing again recently and I was trying to find out about when Timewarp was originally produced and basically the whole story behind it (78 or 82? I’m seeing different dates) I know Eddy Grant produced it in Barbados and that his Coach House studio worked on the vocal version, but I couldn’t find anything about how or why it came about. Is it considered a UK production? Also, for a long time I was convinced that Metro Area’s Miura was a direct lift but now I’m less sure. I remember you Piers (or maybe it was Chris Soft Rocks?) dropping it at one of the Lowlife festies years back and having a total moment! It is so good. Such an iconic tune I’m sure someone (Bill?) has written more about it but I couldn’t find the definitive story.


Time Warp first issued as the B Side of the electronic version of Nobody’s Got Time - released in 1977. There is an earlier version of Nobody’s Got Time released in 1975 by Eddy Grant on 7” on a label called Torpedo. It’s brilliant too, very funky.


It’s also on his self titled 1975 album - never seen a copy of this in 35 years of record collecting

wow I didn’t realise it was that old. For some reason I thought Greg Wilson first championed it in the early 80s

It came out again early 80s on the b side of Electric Avenue. It’s on the B side of another track as well but I’ve forgotten which one. Monster record!

This is the one I have. Cost me £1:

There’s yet another version of Nobody’s Got Time on here:


There’s a lovely edit of this original version too… Felix Dickinson, I think?

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sounds intriguing - was it released or available online to listen?


That’s the one… thanks

Secret Squirrels #2 as well


Mateo & Matos did a version too from 1991, that I undoubtedly bought before I even knew EG’s original existed.


I like the way Louie Vega (or someone at Azuli) teases it into Adonis on his CHOICE mix. A pure HOUSE moment

FYI you can buy this digitally via Juno Download if that’s your thing.

Not that I can find … perhaps you’re mistaking it with the 70s EG banger they did rerelease on the flip of Electric Avenue: Walking on Sunshine?

I meant this one.

Well, blow me down with a feather! A cheeky German pressing eh.

Great thanks!

I ditched my original copy in a big clear out - Ensign original very thin vinyl bought early 90s for 70p in a charity shop

When I couldnt find a nice reissue ( Ive gone to a single new player) I bought CD of Disco not Disco 2 just for it recently so I can play loud

Might put it on in a bit

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Also this one by Pasta Boys

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