Earplugs for the rave

Due to go to my first post-lockdown rave at The Cause next weekend :grimacing: and need some new ear plugs. Any suggestions for £30 or so?


Fingers in ears and scream as loud as you can

Who is playing?


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I know it’s out of your budget specs, but long term getting some comfortable fitted earplugs is one of the best investments I made during my 90/00s London years. I was working with music all day, DJing 2 or 3 times a week as well as clubbing and they were probably the only reason I haven’t got tinnitus now. Cheaper ones obviously work as well but will block out more of the sound. With the fitted ones you can choose the db reduction levels so will be less inclined to remove them than if you have a pair that blocks out too much sound…

I use ACS Pacato or the Alpine Music Pro, whichever I remember to grab when leaving the house. Really should be on my house keys. The Alpine case is particularly good for that. Changed my life wearing these, and my experience hasn’t been diminished one bit.