Dubrovnik in October

I know it was touched on elsewhere. However, me and Mrs Spider off to Dubrovnik for a week mid October. Any suggestions?

Avoid the old town when there is a cruise ship in.

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I was hoping the cruise ship thing may drop off in October…

Buža Bar - the bar in the old town that’s on the cliff edge. nice to watch sunset

if you were running out of things to do, I love korcula but it’s a 2 hour ferry from dubrovnik.

October is a good time to go btw.


This place is only 10 minutes up the coast. I think you can get there by boat or bus.

It’s a resort that was reserved for the top brass when Croatia was still part of Yugoslavia, now abandoned.

Good for exploring/photography and it’s next to a nice beach.


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We went in May. really nice town - although zilch to report musicwise (Ilja Rudman occasionally does stuff in town but I think we just missed him) the museum at the top of the hill overlooking whole town is worth a visit, 90s war still a bit of a taboo topic really. we walked up to the top (knackering but worth it!) and got the cable car down. the museum of communism is fascinating. how the Yugoslavs splintered from the Soviet Union + a load of cultural memorabilia from post-war years, old records, fashions, videos. the old town was obv tourist-heavy but didn’t feel too tacky. if you’re lucky you might stumble across a wedding party - which they celebrate with actual flares! (like European ultras) Someone on here (I can’t remember who - Joe?) recommended a bar in the outer wall which was great - you’ll find it - has the best sea view. as a treat I took my missus on a pirate ship with buffet meal/cava thrown in. not cheapest but good sunset fun. cheesy bossa nova covers of sweet child o’mine wafting gently through the tannoy. Also did some boathopping (loads of GoT themed stuff everywhere) and crossed over to the island. Foodwise nowhere really stood out. they do like their ice creams and pizzas! every local w/o exception was incredibly friendly, which surprised me as I thought everyone would be jaded or on the blag, but the cynicism hasn’t set in yet perhaps still playing catchup with the Spanish… I dunno, but make most of it whilst you can.

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if you’re feeling flush, dinner at the excelsior is nice. great view of the old town.

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