Drama Fund Raiser

Sometimes you just have to call it. Somethings are more important than us. I dont want to beg. Please, please help. The fund has stalled a bit. we really need money. She is so one of us.

Look at the line up. Even some of the biggest dickheads in house have agreed to play- which speaks volumes. Come to the Disco if you can. If you cant chuck a couple of quid this way.
We are all getting older and will all need some love and help at some point. There are only 4 types of people in the world. Those that are carers, those that have been carers, those who will be carers and those that will need carers.


Nice…hope to see you there then

Thank you.
I will be there from 12 noon.
Spread the word and bring everyone. It is kid friendly up until 5/6…

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Will do. Can’t get much of a crew (as my daughter insists on calling it) together these days but I’ll do my best…should be fun anyhow…

I hope you all have a wonderful dance
Love to Vik

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Reports Chris ? And Peter xxxxx