Doing anything nice for Record Store Day?

Do you celebrate Record Store Day in your household? Are you doing anything for it this year or do you think it’s become too commercialised? Is anything interesting being released?

I’ve not observed it for a couple of years but am tempted to pop into Idle Moments where a few people are DJing.


most years I bring some pizza or cake to my Local (oye oder burger Str. Berlin) because those poor bastards have to weather the inventory/customer lahaar😂 for me all the other days are RSD


HMV Shibuya, 2018


Become something to avoid. Served it purpose, time to knock it on the head.


It’s all becoming a bit cringe and way too commercialised imo.

“A red vinyl version of an album to celebrate its one year anniversary, at twice the normal price sir?”

Having said that I’m all in on the Mike D Brazil 45s Boxset from Mr Bongo when that lands.


I was in Rough Trade on Saturday, full of young’uns talking about the Vinyls they were buying. A young chap who’d just bought a copy of Astral Weeks asked me what he should buy next. :person_shrugging:


Had a quick look at the list, but couldn’t find anything other than the Jah Wobble comp. which I think I’d actually fancy owning.

A bit like those awful Vinyl Box ads that keep popping up on my social media feeds.

“I’ve been into vinyl for a while now, and want to grow my collection.”

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Aren’t they just the worst? That kid is so bloody annoying.

This mind set is causing the pressing delays at pressing plants for underground labels. How many copies of Highway 61 revisited need to get pressed up? Anyone who wants to own popular music on vinyl can find it no problem. The day does way more harm than good for the industry.


my disdain for it is well documented. i don’t think i own a single RSD-branded record.

i usually peruse the list and find that there’s about a 1:100 ratio of things i have a mild interest in to useless abominations of capitalistic detritus. once in a while there’s something that was CD only for years and getting a first-time-on-vinyl which looks tempting, but you have to trawl through acres of shitty live recordings, demo versions, barrel-scraping desperate repackaging of popular bands who just didn’t record that much, or glittery presses of records so common they should be used as shims for shaky tables.

oh yeah, and totally unnecessary garbage like this? SpecialRelease | RECORD STORE DAY

and of course, behind the scenes it’s hypercompetitive stupidity with RSD strong-arming indie record stores with agonizingly large minimum orders and forced branding. the RSD people can FOAD.

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The mighty Blades at Wembley :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:

Fuck RSD

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Catching a train to that London for Goat at Brixton Electric

Probably take a day off looking for records.


Can’t say I’ve ever paid any attention to RSD tbh. Understand the original concept, but doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

Unfortunately, vinyl, has gone from being my media of choice to a luxury item that I rarely buy.

Prettier much exclusively second hand and wherever is cheapest.


Same here, a lot of the gaps in my collection are sourced from Music Magpie and are on CD (strike me down). It’s price and also ultimately what works I’d listen to a lot less if was all vinyl haven’t got the set up for it.


I’ll be buying an eighth of WAVs and a teenth of AIFFs.


Good ol’ Music Magpie lol

There are usually a couple of things worth investigating, but I can’t think in recent years I’ve ever failed to get something I’ve wanted a week or so later or even something months later for 30 per cent cheaper than it was going for on RSD.

This year I would buy the Mr Benn soundtrack, which I know sounds deeply tragic and unbalearic but I absolutely love the music. I suspect given the potential crossover of weird old men who queue for 13 hours to get a Madness picture disc and weird old men who are nostalgic for 70s TV shows that I may miss out though.