Dogs Responding To The Huge Tunes

Howdy folks, I’m Graeme… long time lurker, part-time contributor (dogs was the first one obviously) and first-time thread starter… hope this finds you all well (and this ain’t too spammy)

So, this is a music and (dog) art thread that user Piers said sounds like a “Venn diagram of the forum’s core interests.”

A few years back I read a translated review a 1977 free jazz album ‘Drums, Voices, Knispel Nie’ by German Jazz percussionist Frank Köllges. Knispel Nie is a dog that can be heard reacting to Köllges’ performance. The review said something along the lines of “dog reacts to loud sound” - and I thought “I need to draw that”… below is the first image I drew:

After this I thought dogs look like their having an awesome time in a club, so I did a few more (I’ve done 100s) and started to add text inspired by old mixtapes, mcs, newspaper articles, song titles etc. around early 90s rave culture …and other huge tunes.

Anyways, thought some of you might appreciate this and not to get too spammy I do take pet portrait commissions and do lots of other illustration stuff… feel free to have a peep on my insta for more.

Cheers for making it this far :slight_smile:


Love these.


Some folks here might be into my new tee design (apologies for the spam)… I’ve added this tee (and a coupe of other dogs responding to the huge tunes related bits and pieces) on my Etsy in case anyone’s interested :slight_smile:

Should really do a couple of dog sized tees I guess :slight_smile: