Does anyone have?

Not sure if there is a generic topic ( couldnt see one) but does anyone have digital copy of East Coast Love Affair remix of Prince 17 days

I dont normally like anyone messing with his royal badness but liked when I heard on Giles months ago & cant find anywhere (not even Youtube)

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Gilles has always been murder for playing tracks that don’t appear for months/years! I’m guessing it will appear on Athens of the North at some stage: - hit the follow button and don’t hold your breath. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The people i know who have are under strict instructions not to share, so best to just wait it out.

It was about 3 months ago

Thanks for the hope, will keep them peeled

I’d forgotten that and now remember how good it was. Someone please update this thread when and if it does get a release as I wouldn’t want to miss it :pray:

Rahaan’s version came out on GAMM and he is putting it out on another smaller label, it’s quite good.


I fucking love that

Might be wrong here but I seem to recall Euan Fryer saying on his Instagram that due to licensing issues it’ll never be released?

J Rocc did a really good one too that did get released earlier this year, but looks like it sold out quick and is already a bit pricey: J Rocc, Spinna - Wrecka Stow Edits #1 | Releases | Discogs

There’s a short clip here, but it misses out the vocal and doesn’t really do it justice:

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It’s at 35 minutes on here for a sneaky listen


Good find as its not in IPlayer . Im guilty of downloading Wrongtom Haim dub from R6 ( purely for personal usage!)