?DJ/Music Events in Italy in Sept? (Puglia and Amalfi)

I will be in Southern Italy for a wedding this September and am wondering if anyone knows of any sort of happening, no matter how small or large, going on in the area.

This includes even regular, small DJ gigs that happen at clubs or pubs of note, etc.

I live in a small town and I really want to maximize my travel experiences besides the requisite tourism stops.

Thanks in advance!

No idea about events but find yourself a supermarket. The prosecco is 3 Euros and so is the own brand Aperol equivalent. Similar price for loads of buffalo mozzarella.

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I’ve tried to look it up to no avail sorry but there was a club in Bari that had some really good line ups (Fred P for example) when we spent a month in Puglia back in 2018

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