DJ Alfredo Needs Help!

Dear friends , with a heavy heart I come to ask for your help. This last year has been a disaster for so many of us, I have had no work or income for almost a year and recently suffered a stroke which has affected my health, and like many in the music world my situation is very bad . I can no longer pay my rent or support my family and so I humbly ask if you can help with your donations so I can keep going.
At the same time I want to start a project in which I can give something back to all my supporters through my history in the world of music and nightlife : mixes , posters, music and all the work I’ve done for over 30 years, sharing that work with you, and so open a channel where everyone can participate. Thank you .


Hola. I reposted this earlier on my insta and saw Rob Ban Ban and Faith have done a post so hopefully the word is out. Obviously - without Alfredo we have no balearic beat as we know it. x.


Alfredo t-shirt via Boy’s Own with an ace Dave Swindells photo…


Good job! Although Danny Rampling built his career with the existence of Dj Alfredo, he didnt help much.

Thing is J he doesn’t have much going on now tbf.

We’ve also produced a t-shirt. All profits going to Alfredo. Three different colours to choose from.


I keep thinking but cant ask. If anybody knows his stroke situation? Will he be able to play again?

Got a gig booked (travel permitting) in the UK this spring so, happily, it would seem so

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I would like to come. Do we have discount for this event? :grinning:

Nothing to do with me I’m afraid! Just saw it on
Nancy Noise’s Instagram

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He said he had an ictus he is fine now.

To coin an old Faith term


Get your Alfredo t-shirts above. Help the old boy out. Boy’s Own or DiscoTees, it really doesn’t matter which one, as long as you get one.


One week down, just over a week to go. Have you got your Alfredo T-shirt yet. Last orders will be called at 23:59 (GMT) on Friday 19th March. Just taken delivery of the first week’s orders and mighty fine they are looking too.

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in the fascinating ‘balearic’ book that came out last year, Rampling didn’t come over that well… (based on the testimony of the local DJs). still some bitterness (esp Cesar de Melero) about how he & Oakenfold just copied everyone and never properly acknowledged them

Alfredo talked about it in IMS interview.

Surely De testimony :wink: