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Was listening to this excellent Brenda Ray comp again at the weekend. So good I always end up playing it a few times in a row. Brenda Ray – D'Ya Hear Me! : Naffi Years, 1979-83 (2012, Vinyl) - Discogs. Her more recent one on Emotional Rescue is great too.

Any recommendations for similar stuff? Pretty vague topic, but thinking anything self released/private press, or just has that untrained homemade vibe about it. More interested in song based stuff, but happy to see where the thread goes.


Not putting this up as a piss take btw. Think it’s amazing that the guy got funding to press the fusion of his interests onto vinyl. Also obviously nothing like Brenda Ray, but it certainly fits the outsider/DIY label


I found a signed copy of this in my local record shop. Was before it existed on Discogs so they had a fiver on it as they could’nt look it up! Delightfully quirky one off from 1982


Efficient Space are a good shout in this vein, the Karen Marks stuff especially.


I think this makes sense in here. Very personal to me, it’s the second release on the micro label I started this year, Mono Disco, and also the featured artist is my dad, John Boyle.

Radio Logical: DIY Pop & Outsider Grooves 1980–81

Limited edition LP on clear vinyl w/ bonus art print, out now on Bandcamp.

The majority of this material was recorded in my childhood home when I was aged 4–6. During this period John had converted the loft room of our house into a rehearsal space and studio with a Revox tape machine and later a Portastudio at its heart. For a while there was a full drum kit up there, other gear included a Grampian spring reverb and an EDP Wasp.

Initially John was rehearsing and recording with a four-piece band The Beachy Heads, but over time the focus shifted to experimental studio tape compositions, collaborating with various members of the band, along with musician and artist William Longden (responsible for all the LP artwork).

Key influences were Talking Heads, dub reggae and XTC. Pop, but with an experimental DIY/outsider edge.

This retrospective compilation gathers together a selection of recordings from John’s archive, previously released only on small private runs of cassettes.

Thanks for listening!


Discovered a copy of a Totally Straight (one the bands featured on Radio Logical) demo cassette at the weekend, previously thought lost) here’s the cover in all its glory!


The artwork we used for the LP cover, ‘The Consumer Consumed’ by Will Longden, hanging outside the loft room in John’s home where most of the LP was recorded.


Just got around to listening on Qobuz. Really solid release.

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Nice review of Radio Logical from a Bandcamp purchaser, should have got this guy to write a press release for me :sweat_smile:

Really great time capsule here! R Stevie Moore-friendly bedroom pop at times, almost NYC No Wave-style funk at other times (as is the case with I Saw A Man). LIYL: Arthur Russell’s pop stuff, Liquid Liquid, minimal synth-tinged home production naiveté Favorite track: I Saw A Man.

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@bellio I am sure you already know how much i love Tonetta, but just in case you had forgotten.

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Ah, Tonetta. I had forgotten. Wasn’t there a docu many years ago?

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I think there have been a couple, and some interviews. I even saw him on some show called Tosh.0 when i was in America and he was on pretty good form, even though the host was just trying to take the piss.

I’m sure it was a good hour long feature set in his apartment.

The Residents have always been the outsider kings for me. I’ve got a Theory of Obscurity poster above my loo! Once stood next to them at ATP and got quite star struck.


God… the residents are truly the best

^Is this an edit? if so, what of?


Damn right. Still remember seeing them in their eyeballs either on Channel 4 or MTV in 1983 and being instantly fascinated. Rememebr the video to Rockit being played a lot around the same time.

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Huge Residents fanboy. Love the one minute movies.

The Gee Gee Decorator record is so sick.

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When you Shazam the edit and Shazam gives you the edit. Trolled.

I’ve found a terrible 192k rip of Gee Gee Decorator. What a track! DM if anyone wants it.