DIY / Outsider Music

Was listening to this excellent Brenda Ray comp again at the weekend. So good I always end up playing it a few times in a row. Brenda Ray – D'Ya Hear Me! : Naffi Years, 1979-83 (2012, Vinyl) - Discogs. Her more recent one on Emotional Rescue is great too.

Any recommendations for similar stuff? Pretty vague topic, but thinking anything self released/private press, or just has that untrained homemade vibe about it. More interested in song based stuff, but happy to see where the thread goes.


Not putting this up as a piss take btw. Think it’s amazing that the guy got funding to press the fusion of his interests onto vinyl. Also obviously nothing like Brenda Ray, but it certainly fits the outsider/DIY label

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I found a signed copy of this in my local record shop. Was before it existed on Discogs so they had a fiver on it as they could’nt look it up! Delightfully quirky one off from 1982

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Efficient Space are a good shout in this vein, the Karen Marks stuff especially.