Detroit Recommendations - Tips and Places To Go

Hi all - going to the D for the first time next weekend (13th through 16th Oct) to run the marathon. Already have my tickets for Motown Museum. I’ve sent an email to John Collins so I can hopefully get a tour of Exhibit 3000, the techno and Underground Resistance museum.

Not sure how much late night shenanigans I can get up to but I’m following clubs like Spotlite, SPKRBOX, Marble on Instagram, along with John Beltran, DJ Dez, Los Hermanos, Omar S, etc who seem to post regularly about local shows.

I’m struggling with record stores, only have Submerge and Hello records.

If anyone has anything they can add to the list, be it record stores, clubs, restaurants or straight up touristy shit, please let me know. Thanks!


Can’t add much unfortunately, but a visit to where so much of the music I love began is on the list! Would be great to hear what you get up to.

Good luck with the run too! :facepunch:

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related, I am planning a ‘one day maybe’ black music road trip across the US, south (new orleans?) to north, ending at the coltrane house in NY state, visiting cultural landmarks along the way

might be one for a separate thread


See if anything’s happening at Motor City Wine? IIRC, they’ve been known to host some decent things. Presumably can offer some nice food and drink, too.

Not been over since the pandemic but I understand that downtown has been undergoing quite the renaissance (some say gentrification) but compared to what was there before I don’t think anyone’s knocking that too hard.

The Heidelberg Project is worth a visit:

If there’s a game on, go and support DTFC (aka Le Rouge): non league footy club with an insane (but utterly lovely) ultras known as The Northern Guard.

Join them at the Fowling Warehouse for beers, and be part of the match through Hamtramck to Keyworth Stadium… it felt like a flashback to the mid-90s Love Parade of yore, losing my mates and ending up on a gabber truck with some of the loveliest people and blowing some stereotypes out of the water to boot.

Last time I was in the D, couldn’t be arsed with the festival pass: a local pal introduced me to Le Rouge/NGD and we did after parties (if you’re ever there for Memorial Day weekend, and can only do one, Industry Brunch on Sunday arvo/evening by a long way… but I digress).

There’s also some good breweries, if you’re into all that.

Have fun! Typing this has got me all wistful…

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Oh yeah, Ford museum might be worth a go. It’s still on my to do list, heard good things from others.

Tangentially related: Did Aeroscopia in Toulouse just over a week ago before heading to Convenanza, that’s a good half day to be had if you’re ever out that way and even vaguely interested.

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We’re headed to Turin in a couple of weeks, they have a car museum. Really not that bothered about cars in general, but ITALIAN cars…? Well, maybe.


Thanks a mill for all that! Motor City Wine and Heidelberg Project are def on the list. Had no idea about DTFC, just looking at your links and there’s a game on at 4pm on Sat, could see myself going to that if I have a productive morning…

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Detroit Threads and People’s Records are also v much worth a visit!


If you’re going to try and make the match, get thee to Fowling Warehouse beforehand and take part in the March to the Match… you’ll get the full experience there.

Also, forgot to mention that Yemeni food is another unsung thing about the Detroit Metro Area (particularly Hamtramck).

Never had it until visiting the area, was totally blown away.

Looks like I may have a work trip across the border in a few weeks’ time, and my colleague I’d be going with loves his food, particularly trying new things…


I was just about to type both of those. Must visits.

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THey have a nice sideline in merch as well if you are looking for a t-shirt that says Detroit but can’t be arsed with the Tigers.

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Just leaving this here for anyone lucky enough to be going in the future.

Motown Museum - unsurprisingly amazing. Got a proper dose of the feels when in Studio A where EVERYTHING was recorded. A new and bigger museum is due to be opening in 2025, would be very interested to see what that looks like.

Henry Ford Museum - huge. Could spend a whole day here. History of automobiles, planes and trains and more. A great to place to bring kids.

Detroit Institute of Art - def worth a visit. Got yer Van Goghs, Diego Riveras and currently exhibiting fantastic Ghanaian photographer James Barnor.

Exhibit 3000 - techno/Underground Resistance museum. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go, I emailed and filled out the form in the link but no one got to back to me. Oh well.

Record stores - I only went to two, People’s Records and Detroit Threads. Both are fucking amazing, exactly what you want in a city like Detroit. The only new stock they carry is dropped off by artists so heavy on local talent, nothing ordered from record labels or distributors. Remaining stock is all second hand at really good prices. Could spend forever and a fortune at these places. Staff were lovely too.

Detroit City Football Club - hat tip to @bgpz for this. Went to a game and it was ridiculous fun. Third tier soccer in the US so standard not great but the local supporters were giving it loads, non stop singing and flares going off. Def recommend if you have the time.

Night time bizness - didn’t get to go crazy unfortunately. Went to Marble Bar for a few hours on Friday, Luke Vibert was playing. Nice venue. Rick Whilite was playing at MotorCity Wine on Sunday, popped in for a while but had run the marathon earlier. Two big glasses of red wine and I was nearly falling asleep at the bar. I did go see John Beltran dj at a bar gig on the Saturday, went up to say hello and he was genuine lovely guy. Worth sending him a message on Instagram in advance to see where he is playing.

Other bits and bobs - Heidelberg Project, outsider art place. Worth a visit. Belle Isle Park - both the aquarium and conservatory were closed. Can imagine it would be a lovely place to visit during the summer.

And for those wondering, did the marathon in 4 hours. Considering I’m in my mid 40s and my training wasn’t great, I was bloody delighted!


Filing for future reference, and nice one on the marathon :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for the report back - good work on the marathon!
I had no idea about the Detroit Institute of Art, thanks for the heads-up.

Might have a work trip coming up in a few weeks’ time, it’ll probably just be for the day, but tempted to see if I can make an overnight of it (or at least blag my way on to some future trips that might warrant an overnight stay!)

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