Decrackling software

Who’s using what to clean up their vinyl rips? Tips and suggestions please!

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Never used any software, but I did use the glue trick on some records that were particularly bad which worked really well. Mainly on stuff that was hard/too expensive to replace.

That said, I don’t mind crackling or pops to a certain level.

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Adobe Audition or iZotope RX will clean up recordings real nice.


It really strange. I’m not at all bothered by a few Rice Cripsies when playing records but it totally does my head in when they’re digitised.

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Thank you. Going to check these.

Yeah, doesn’t bother me that much at all. I actually like some noise on my files. I struggle to get my head round some software getting rid of the pops and crackles without losing… something. Would be interested to hear how the software fares tbh.

Probably not worth it if you haven’t got it but I use Logic Pro to record and remaster mine.
Even been known to copy and paste bits over serious pops or scratches. Only really bothered if they are super bad.

I’ll do the some or all of the following usually:
Remove DC Offset
Copy and paste over bad scratches if you can find similar portion in rest of track
Silence any other bad clicks or pops if they are in down beats
Then export to file type of your choosing

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Recently moved over to Ableton but, yeah, good shout on trying to copy and paste over really nasty ones.

Sometimes the click or crackle is only on the left or right channel, and you can copy from the other side and paste over. You don’t want to be doing this for large sections, but for tiny wee ones it is fine.


Audacity is good for this. You can also use the draw mode to take out pops

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I just take out any big-ish pops with audacity - zoom right in and use ‘repair’. Usually works unless it’s right on a beat or other transient. Tried various de-crackle/de-noise software a few years ago and gave up with the settings - too high and it left nasty artefacts, too low and not much happened. Interested to hear if it’s any better these days though.

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Yeah I do use Audacity as well. But I was wondering if there was a lazier option. Also got some reggae 7s that are pretty beat all over if I’m honest!