Dancefloor damp squibs

Inspired by a post on the Random Discogs thread, this is one for the DJs on here, former or still at it, which tracks or tunes were you convinced were gonna be dancefloor bombs or bangers when you first heard them but they turned out to be a let down or never got the crowd reaction you thought they would whenever you dropped them in a set?

I played Unfinished Sympathy out once. Tanked. I kind of understand why. Never dared play it since.

(Good chance it was the wrong time + place i suppose)


I still love US but it always bemused me when it used to regularly top the various ‘Greatest Dance Track Of All Time’ polls and charts that magazines and radio stations had back in the nineties and noughties, great as it is it’s not a dance track.

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Yeah now you mention it I think growing up reading those lists gave me the wrong impression. By the time had the chance to play it out it was the early 00s.

When Metro Area “Miura” came out, we were selling loads in Vinyl Junkies.

Then over the next few weeks feedback was it sounds great but no one dances to it.

Seems it was respected by DJs, producers loved it sonically, but something wasn’t right for the dancers - not dynamic enough? Too different from the other records at the time? Or just London in 2001.

Anyway that was the feedback. Everyone loved it but no one could make it work.

I only played it in bars at the time and it was perfect for head nodding and swaying.


Ive found the best responses to Miura (also Herbert dubs) were when it was the ‘breath of fresh air’ tune after 4 or 5 harder tracks, then go tuffer again- totally get your angle tho, it just wasn’t as stompy as other stuff around then


This was a super hyped (and great) tune at the time but sonically pretty horrible on a big system. I think even Harvey commented on it.

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I know what you mean, strangely this Greg Wilson edit of it with Amerie vocals and Rolling Stones samples always seemed to get a strong reaction and people asking what it was.


I used to run the Perfecto mix of US with a heavily pitched down Plastikman track. Used to get a great reaction, but I guess everyone was very high. Not sure how it would sound today.

Last big reaction I saw to US was Luke Una’s first time at Spiritland. He played Alex Kassian’s Spirit of Eden in its entirety then chopped straight into US. Crowd went wild.


remember Mungolian Jetset clearing a floor at some warehouse off Curtain Road. Sean (DJ) was astonished as was I (punter). It was a brilliant track but maybe it was just too left with too many tangents?

Bryan Ferry ‘alphaville’ (terje) was another one I thought would be much bigger


Interesting to hear that. I thought it was just my reissue/bootleg of Kym (acquired after featuring in the famous Mark Seven mixtape) that sounded dodgy.

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Captain Starlight by Zazu, completely cleared the dance floor


I’ve had stuff thrown at me at an after party for playing this :joy:
Maybe I should’ve done a Hardy and keep playing it until they ‘get it’.

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It’s a fairly terrible novelty record, let’s be honest :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Someone tried to actually punch me when I played Frequency 7 by Visage to a room of absolutely spangled “funky house” bar workers in a pub in Clapham. It sounded fucking brilliant though.


I, too, have cleared a dance floor with it.


Haha, love this tune… but yeah, it’s an acquired taste… I do believe most Germans hate it mind.

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‘Message To You All’ made some guy SO ANGRY once. Screaming at me from the sidelines Everyone else seemed fine with it, mind.


Roland– ‘I Feel Nothing’ from this Optimo related EP. It’s essentially an edit of Mark Stewart – ‘Fatal Attraction’ which I thought folks would love after midnight one Hogmanay at a banging electroclash party but alas…