Dance Energy 89 – Balearic / Rave Tune [1989]

Can anyone shed some light on this?..

Really nice tune performed live by someone who called himself Nemesis Project (named Matty it seems) and is on a couple of vid recordings from parties in ‘89.
There’s been a Discogs forum of detective work on this for a couple of years now. Wondered if any TP members or other enthusiasts had any ideas as to who it could be?!

See links below:

Matty / Nemesis Project =

Nemisis Project live @ Barn Braintree UK NYE 31-12-1989 =

Nemisis Project live @ Dance Energy Ipswich UK 23-09-1989

(That one is a particularly good vid)

Any ideas would be most welcome!


I asked Leo Mas about this one as I thought if anyone would know Leo would know and he totally didn’t have a clue…

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Cheers Paul. Wasn’t sure if you’d got to it.

I think this one may remain a mystery…

The biggest mystery since Area 51.
Amazing how much stir this particular track has caused (and I love the track myself)

If anyone accidentally bought that City Heat record erroneously mentioned in the discogs thread, I’m more than happy to take it off your hands…


Yes. I jumped on that. Then somehow lost it (I swear it’s still in the house somewhere) and was going nuts. So got in touch with one of the guys in the forum and he gave me his.

‘Strange How It Goes’ is really beautiful…

If my first copy decides to show up one day, it’s yours!