Culture Trip and Hamon Radio pres Norio Sato (Rare Groove/ Osaka/ Heisei No Oto) / Thurs 28/10 10.00

Culture Trip and Hamon Radio present Norio Sato (Rare Groove/ Osaka)
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words from Maa (Hamon Radio/ Tokyo)
Norio is the owner of rare groove, my favorite record shop in Osaka. I’ve been buying records from there for a long time. And three years ago, when we held Hamon Radio in Kyoto, our wish came true and we met for the first time. Since then, I have been interacting with him.

This is an episode about this mix from Mr. Norio.
"I picked up mainly ambient-oriented CDs from the CDs I had collected for Heisei No Oto production.
Only songs released on CD in Japan from 1989 to 2005 are used.
feature in Japanese times about ‘Heisei no Oto’: A sonic trip to the golden age of CDs ]

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great feature with Norio about How Japanese ambient music found a new audience

today from 10am
Norio will be doing the first hour it is really good

the show is now uploaded Norio 1st hour Neil Thornton 2nd
listen here