Compass Point Studios recordings (or not?)

Hi y’all,

I’m currently making a playlist with all Compass Point Studios related music from my collection (might do a mixtape about it later on) and I have a few cases where I’m not sure whether it was recorded (or mixed or manipulated in any way) at Compass Point:

  • The Rolling Stones - Heaven: I did some research online and it was one of two tracks specifically recorded for the ‘Tattoo You’ album, the liner notes of the ‘Funky Nassau’ comp stated that the ‘Tattoo You’ session was done at Compass Point in 1979 (wasn’t this the ‘Emotional Rescue’ session?)

  • Sade - Super Bien Total: This was the B-side of the singles ‘Love Is Stronger Than Pride’ and ‘Paradise’, both singles were on the ‘Stronger Than Pride’ album, Super Bien Total not. Can I assume Super Bien Total is from the same session at Compass Point?

  • Manu Dibango - Ambassador Album: I don’t find any Compass Point credits for this on my copy, although there are a few discogs credits for some 'Ambassador 'releases? It sounds and looks very Compass Point-ish to me?

  • Wally Badarou - Novela Das Nova: It’s from the soundtrack ‘Kiss Of The Spider Woman’, so not sure whether it was recorded at CP?

Sorry for the nerdiness of the topic, but I am pretty sure some of you can help me out with this!

Feel free to post your favorite Compass Point joints here in the topic!


loved this


Pretty sure these ones are


Whole bunch of Compass Point goodness on this Trevor Jackson - Island Records Extra Special 6th August 2019 | Listen on NTS


There this I did very stoned one day when I was still smoking weed… Uses some of the interviews from a publication me and Brewster are working on. And I’ll ask on Super Bien for you @Peter :v:


Thanks so much @Apiento ! I thought I’d read something about a bookproject before, so the project is still on?
I didn’t found a listening link on the TP-page (maybe it’s me?), but found it on Mixcloud


@Peter - apparently Super Bien Total (my source is 90% sure) was recorded here in France… And yess the project is still on. It’s a very slow project but we will get there in the end : )

Thank you for the info and the effort! ‘Super Bien Total’ out of the playlist then :slight_smile:
Good to know the project is still on and in the capable hands of you and Bill. And obviously looking massively forward to it!

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