Coloured Rekkids

The amount of coloured records out there seems to have almost reached saturation point.

I always thought coloured vinyl versions of records equated to a poorer quality audio experience, but having listened to the latest Floating Points / Pharoah Sanders album and the Werther album reissue in glorious pink, I’m actually stunned at how good they sound. Am I going to be disappointed after a few plays or have production processes improved?

many many years ago, an old head promised me that all vinyl started out clear and graphite, etc. were added to increase the malleability and durability of the unpressed vinyl “plugs” prior to production. furthermore, he insisted that black vinyl was often supplemented with “recycled” materials and that only clear/colored vinyl could be considered “virgin”.

everything i’ve learned since then has given me the indication that he was full of shit, but whatevs. i do have a lot of clear/colored that sounds fantastic and some that sounds like fuzzy butts. i’m tired of colored vinyl runs myself and generally try to hold out for the boring ol’ black versions - but i do think folks are getting better with the color trickery.

this might be one of the best sounding records i own: John McLaughlin – My Goals Beyond (1987, Clear, Gatefold, Vinyl) - Discogs

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I always come back to this and sorry as I’ve posted it before, but the red vinyl Bladerunner mastered by audio fidelity is the most amazing sounding thing I own. I remember first putting it on and it was a proper sit up and listen moment. I don’t think my ears are that good but you could instantly hear how good this sounded. So yes it can be done.

And it’s the most beautiful translucent red.

Now picture discs I believe are a whole different matter.


I have I Want Your Love by Chic and it definitely sounds better because it’s on pink vinyl


I still have my original ( scratched to fk) purple vinyl copy of Purple Rain, Scarlett Fantastic No Memories on Red Vinyl is my 2nd favourite

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