Club photography

A place to share great articles, books and images from those rare people who’ve managed to capture club culture on camera.


love old club photos equally as much as i hate people taking photos in clubs


I like these when people aren’t aware they’re getting snapped but it makes me uneasy to think of people not knowing their weekend habits are being chronicled. But when they do know, it feels posed and unnatural. Also I hate when anyone tries to take my photo in a venue: I’m here to dance please leave me alone.

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Vinca Petersen - No System

No System tells the story of a 10-year journey around Europe in the 1990’s putting on illegal free raves and festivals with other Techno Travellers.

“We are not rebelling against, so much as living outside the system. Free music to anyone that wants it is what we give and we need nothing back but space to roam.

Tribal beats have surrounded our planet for thousands of years. Technology is our addition to this continual rhythm. Age is no concern, background irrelevant. We exist now and in the future. Welcome to our way of living…”


Couple great projects/exhibits/books focused more on the architecture/design side but still great record of some long gone spots in action:

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Got to be Venus early 91.

Think the Covid halted reunion is due for June. definitely the last one they will organise, if you believe that…

Yep - correct. I’ve got a load of these which my mate Chris took. He’s on the left, Sam in the middle and that’s me on the right. Ahem. We’ve all been there, right?

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Fab pic :star_struck:.

Think I’ve seen some more from same night over the years. I’ll stick a bit of Duffer on when I walk with my bubble this Sunday as a tribute x

Weirdly there are lots more pics from Venus than The Bomb.

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This has become a bit of a classic, and going for big £££ now

One of my top reads of the pandemic. A saved search on eBay yielded a cheapo copy and I grabbed it fast. I love the level of shit talk in there. Lots of dj’s taking little sideways shots at their peers.


Here’s a copy for sale in the States for £600+ :crazy_face:

I’m sure many/most of you know about Bill Bernstein’s excellent photography book, Disco - but just in case, here’s a little video featuring a bunch of the photos


nope, hadn’t heard of it – what a joy to behold, thank you


Fabric have banned people using phone cameras from the reopening onwards.

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I’ve not seen that many pictures of Fabric tbh. I went on many Saturdays and would still not recognise Terry Francis. Was so dark, messy and smoky, I didn’t even know where the DJ was in room 1.

I did a bit of half-arsed club photography myself for 4clubbersnet early 2000s, possibly cached somewhere - I would get free entry to stuff but not much beyond that. the message I got from AKA was “that’s fine but no fingers down mouth shots though”

Nick Ensing’s pix are really good if anyone ever feels the need to reminisce about the T Bar, Plastic People et al


I was about to say Nick used to do a lot bitd. He was also our wedding photographer… :rofl: