Clobber - a clothes thread

Same with eBay these days.

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I use the Evri service on Vinted, never had an issue…

Thanks guys. I’ll look into the lockers and Evri options.

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Oh blimey. Really? I sell on there too. Time for a rethink.

Sold loads of bits on there, never had an issue with any sale. You just have to wait for the item to be received by the buyer and then the payment is released to you - only slight annoyance is when the buyer doesn’t mark the item as received straight away, but this doesn’t happen often. If you’re using Evri/InPost to send as I do, the tracking is built into the Vinted app, so even if the buyer never marks the item as received they’ll still release the money to you after 2 or 3 days when the tracking shows it has been received, if that makes sense!

Had a few issues as a buyer however… Multiple instances of sellers somehow sending me the wrong item. Usually they respond straight away and pay for the return themselves and the refund is quick, however I’ve had a couple of people completely ghost me, and Vinted won’t do anything about it unless the seller responds. Got one ongoing at the minute where I was sent the wrong thing 6 weeks ago and the seller has disappeared off the face of the planet. Vinted want me to pay the postage (£3) to return it to the seller in order to get a refund of the £10 I paid…

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It’s all a bit dull.

Ah thanks for that. Seems that Evri / InPost is the way to go then.

Eek - Hope you get it resolved. I hadn’t thought about buying anything on there until recently. There are some absolute bargs to be had!

My thoughts exactly - distinctly underwhelming

I guess high street retailers aren’t taking so many risks nowadays.

I think it’s decent for the price point and ordered the bomber jacket, it may go back.

Obviously the extensive EG collection does range from the quite ‘fruity’ to the more utilitarian, this definitely following the latter.

This tends to be the problem with all the uniqlo collabs, quality of material doesn’t really matter for tees and sweatshirts but if you are looking at coats it really does. A decent coat will last you ten plus years so I’d rather just pay the price of if you are patient whack a few you like on wish lists at Mr porter, end etc and be ready when the sales start

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Some nice new stuff from helas… I like the puff tuff

wasn’t a member at the time, but REALLY want one of those old TP ‘Good Good Feeling’ sweatshirts


I had a look at the range yesterday, to be fair they’re not that bad.

I was tempted by the bomber jacket, and still am. Especially for the price.

The bomber is the best piece I reckon. I got one, but it’s gone back today as I need to reduce not add to my outerwear.

Any parka or down recs? Needs to be warm first and foremost.

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All Blues Co have done an affordable Kara Koram


Steve’s iconic one be good for a crispy NYC winter.


On a more serious note there are some good deals on Battenwear at The Bureau Belfast


That visvim gear is hilariously priced even in a sale.


I’ve just left a excellent event at 6876, warmly hosted by Kenneth. Loads of great vintage items on display, along with current items for sale.

Ended up buying a jacket, even though I said I wasn’t going to.