Chee Shimizu's Obscure Sound

So good and the source of lots of discoveries. Anyone else look to it for something to listen to/dig into?

I got a copy of it when it was re-printed last year, even though I don’t read Japanese. From time to time I’ll take a picture and use the Google translate app (which gets me maybe 60-70% of the way there?) to get more info/detail. Curious if anyone else reads it/stands by it? Has the first version (which I think had some big differences from the 2nd ed).

Any other similar record guides/books mining a similar vein?


That’s cool, never seen it before!!

@pulpo Please check out the first volume of Chee Simizu’s Obscure Sound.
Loads of similar “Disc Guide” books in Japan.
Here are a few of mine…


By the way, is Chee related to Yasuaki Shimizu?

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Huge influence on my taste. His mixes are ace too


My copy just came through via the post last week. I think I paid about €35 shipping included, straight from the source, which was really fair. I’ve started going through the ‘organic’ section and plan to listen to a few records each week. So far no massive crush yet for the records listed, but maybe the organic section is less my cup of tea…

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@Sonny nice, thanks for sharing - I’ve seen the Walearic book around but didn’t really look further. I’ll give it another look. The other one looks like it’s on boogie? “City Pop”?

Some folks have uploaded the lists from the first Obscure Sound, it does look like there are some big differences (incl some diff sections altogether). Looks like lots more to dig into - cheers!

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@pulpo that boogie one is titled “Wa Boogie” - basically a guide to boogie-styled of Japan from late 70s to now. Quite a handy.

For benefit of other forum readers, this kind guy “low-bay” has managed to create the full list of the 1st Obscure Sounds releases per category. Check his list here:


We was luck to do a warehouse party with Discossession (Dr.Nishimura, Chee Shimizu & Jonny Nash) in 2005, was lots of fun, Danny Wang flew over as well. Here is a an interview from our old blog with Dr. Nishimura about Discosession and music in Japan at the time. interview link


Wowzers! Samples!
Muchos Gracias!

A couple of discoveries I’ve recently picked up thanks to the book + Mr Shimizu: