Bristol 24hrs

Hey folks
Visiting Bristol with my son (he’s thinking about uni there)
Any good recco’s for a flying visit? Bars, eats, record shops? Areas? Want to get a flavour of the place I guess.
Sorry for treating this like Reddit.

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Wanted Records are pretty good for a second hand dig with loads of dub and a ridiculous amount of African 70s-80s stuff. They’ve just moved round the corner to the high street, their old address is still on Google maps.

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Check out strange brew, record shop, music venue, bar, food, cultural hot spot.

Unfortunately idle hands has closed down for the time being

Friendly records- new stuff- good world music selection and has a bar I think

Disk frisk- new 2nd hand dance store

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Mison says this place is amazing >

This place was amazing last time I was there. Shame about Idle Hands too as that was a great spot

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Also plastic wax and centre for better grooves, for vinyl. Bosco for pizza. Milk thistle for cocktails. The downs as well.

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Go to St Nicks Market for the best kebab you’ve ever had. Run by dead sound Kurdish boys it is ridiculously good and cheap as fuck too.


Gloucester Road is nice to walk down. Lots of nice bars & restaurants in the area.

Walk across the suspension bridge.

Walk along the river, nice places to eat in wapping wharf.

Thanks, really useful to just know whereabouts to head

I’m actually visiting this weekend. me and my wife are doing regular visits of Bristol as we’re moving there next year. great city. going to see Colleen play at some daytime party so should be fun.

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We were there in the summer. Can echo the recommendation of Wanted Records. My eldest and I also did a self guided street art tour thing ( which was excellent. If you don’t want to do the tour, just walking down through Stokes Croft is well recommended - great art, and some good cafes etc (and record shops)

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Thanks all, what a great city (Can’t believe I haven’t been before). Wanted Records was great (a PROPER record shop), also some great record stalls in the market. Lovely vibe.


I think one of those stalls is John Stapleton

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He’s wanted records