Boxes for moving records

Apologies for starting the most boring thread ever but I’m moving soon and have to shift way too many records. Does anyone have any tips for good cardboard boxes for shifting LPs?

I actually find bags for life the best way to move records… not pretty but very easy to carry

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Some kind of hire place probably?
I think buying a ton of cardboard boxes is pretty pricy and then you’ve got to store or get rid of them.
You’ll be bored of taping up flat pack boxes after about 3 of them!

Co-sign on bags for life, if you’re doing the move yourself. If you’re getting a removal company in they would probably want to use boxes.

Bags for life it is (you think I’d let someone else move them … :sweat_smile:)


I remember travelling in the removal van when I last moved all mine to help the removal guys. Felt guilty putting them through that much pain. :joy:

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the Really Useful Storage 35 Litre XL boxes are ideal. Can be a bit pricey if you need lots but once I’d unpacked I used them to store things in the loft which has worked out nicely (no more battered cardboard boxes!) .

Do make sure you get the XL ones though, I initially ordered a load of the standard 35l size and you cant sit the records upright once the lid goes on (they all seem ok seem though despite some being at an angle taking the weight of 100 12"s in front of them for 6 months)

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Agreed these are the top choice and there’s a reason most dealers at fairs etc use them but initial outlay can be prohibitive (about £45 for 3boxes or 300ish records). I’m sure that will be enough right😉
Last time I bought 6 from Rymans a couple of lids were damaged so I was sent another 6 fresh boxes👍 (all full now of course)

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Good for DJing as well
When a superstar sashays into Ushia carrying 2 x Lidl Bags for life full of tunes you know he / she is serious
Harvey uses old school Key Markets ones but they are impossibly rare


rare bags for life. I’ve heard it all now :grin:

maybe that’ll be the next thing Supreme sticks its logo on.

Time to dig out my limited edition pre-bag for life Netto carriers?

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not sure if they have them globally but here in the states - these are the de facto moving/long-term storage box of choice:

they’re sized perfectly for records and hold about a hundred or so. here’s a bunch doing the job as we speak:

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This is a Tesco bag for life from some years back. I use it for charity shop runs. For a house move I think you need 35cm cube boxes that you can stack.


RUB 35xl’s in full effect…
Bit spendy, but long term they’re the best


97 I was moving in with my then girlfriend (now wife) who worked for a record company so had about 5m of vinyl (only met her year before so it hadn’t grown excessively yet)
I was moving out of my place a week before so had to store it all
A friend (who is now a semi infamous UK artist with very LW political leanings) & GF said I could use their loft as they were renting a suburban detached house which is now v near to my current house
Using fruit boxes I did multiple trips after filling the car boot to their house where I had to lug each one up stairs & into loft & then all back down

Did my friend help with a single box - NO is the answer

I may have to let his fans know about his non charity

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FTR - there’s a bunch more :rofl:

I assumed …

I moved twice in the space of 2 years and both times I used bags - bags for life and normal plastic ones. Most of them are still in the bags under my bed.

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I’ve had luck moving with the boxes that you can get for free at the liquor store. They hold records pretty well, but unfortunately you can’t fit a ton in them. Like the seagrams box pictured below

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