Boston recommendations

Heading to Boston for a few days in July, any tips for record stores, restaurants (love seafood) , clubs, clothes shopping and places to see would be great.


Ive not been, but this looks pretty ace. Was posted on our TurnUps & TurnOuts FB group. Down the road in Lynn. Only open on Sundays.

Bobby From Boston


Ferry to Cape Cod head to Arnold’s for lobster rolls, clams and onion rings… :yum:

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I believe @Casual is based in Beantown… I’ve admittedly only done the rather touristy thing of going to the North End for Italo-American eats and giant cannoli (Mike’s Pastry).

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Bodega might still be worth a visit for trainers/clothes. It’s not that big, can do most stuff on foot. Whale watching was great.

Used to go a lot with work but all pre pandemic. I& you are into craft beer it’s a great place.

I can help.

Record stores:

Vinyl index in Bow Market (good for food as well)
Grooves just down the street from Vinyl Index
Deep Thoughts in Jamaica Plain (trendy ambient records have been their thing for years, and loads of Caribbean disco for nothing)
Cheapo in Cambridge - not so cheapo anymore but with a quick look
Music Research Library - just off Boston Common
Soundtracks in Beverly is great and the area is lovely for a walk and mooch,


If you’re unsure and want to just have a few menu highlights then Time Out Market has good food. It’s in Fenway.
Toro for tapas
Mida for Italian
Alden & Harlow for new American (no, me neither but it’s good)
There’s a lot. What are you looking for?


Lynn Lynn a place of sin. They’ll sing that to you and that’s how you know they’re from there. The vintage scene in general in Boston is very good.


I’ll put together something for you. There’s a lot to see and do.

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Great, our trips starts with 3 days on cape cod then some days in boston.

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That’s a day sorted right there :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the recommendations. Appreciate it. Lots of things to research now.

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Cheers, thats pretty much perfect.

Looking to just walking round taking the sites in, nice food , maybe a bar in the evening. Food wise we love mexican , south east asian and seafood.

What I would suggest is going to P-Town on the Cape on the weekend as of the sun’s out the fun’s out. It’s very gay and very welcoming. Food is good and it’s where Anthony Bourdain said was the only place to eat clam chowder in New England which is quite the statement. Start on Commercial Street.

You can take a ferry to Boston from there and from there it’s a short walk to the north end and fanueil hall. There’s lots of stops on the freedom trail as well in the area if history is your thing. If not, lots of good bars. I really like Parla, Farmacia, and Ward 8. Bacco is there as well for a scran.

Seafood - the barking crab is an institution, is it the best? No. Is it fun on a busy night? Absolutely. If you want to go to Brookline (on the green line) then Ivory Pearl is a must.

In Back Bay there’s a place called Mooncusser, go in for a meal or during the day go to the window outside for a lobster roll on the go.

If your crew wants discounted Nike, adidas, etc there’s an outlet mall at Assembly Row that always turns things up. I always tell people who want Celtics gear to go there as it’s much cheaper. I bought a pair of Undefeated Air Force 1’s for $15, so always check the back wall.

I’d also suggest doing a duck boat tour and I get discounts through my job so before you come let me know and I’ll share the code for when you buy. When you drive past EF wave, I’m generally on the 10th floor.

For a great walk don’t be afraid to cross the bridge from Boston to Cambridge and you’ll get great pictures as well.

For SE Asian food I love Tiger Belly in Fenway. Oh and here’s a top tip there’s a bar on the side of the stadium called Bleacher Bar, which was very divey but slowly changing and for bonus you get a view of the outfield at Fenway park which is quite nice for a cold beer.

Boston isn’t big and very walkable and navigable. If you get here and think that you’d like to see more quintessential NE towns then get the train from north station and you can head up the coast to Newburyport. Further north Portsmouth and Portland are also very much worth your while.

I hope this helps.


this is great, thanks for taking the time. I’ve made notes :slight_smile:

Everything I’ve mentioned bar Soundtracks in Beverly and P-Town are within - 6 or so mile radius. Oh and I’d ditch the car if you’re in and around the city. 1. Parking is very expensive, 2. There’s not enough 3. Public transportation will get you everywhere you need to be cheaply and safely. Plus when Massholes get behind the wheel of a car then it really does become a circus. You’ll have a much nicer perception of the place by not dealing with Tom from Watertown whose having a running argument with Mary from Chelsea going down the wrong way on a one way street for 3 miles over god knows what.

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