Bootleg prince remixes

Finally found a copy of this at the weekend… so so nice.

What other good dodgy Prince reworks are there? - this is another fave of mine.


would love to get a copy / digital rip of this…

love the label too. so good.

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Can’t find a video of this online, but this one had a nice “Miura” type vibe to it.

This has to be up there…



DFP did a good one on Edits from Stoke on Trent. Think it got reissued or turned up elsewhere fairly recently.
There’s a few Gay Marvine ones too.

jinx! :joy:

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This has the long version of sexy dancer too

This is the release you’re thinking about

Dim’s edit on vinyl

I have it and its a nice pressing

Example here at 23.30 or so.

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Yes I’ve got that hands of time release. They put a few other good ones out too. Kon’s BGs one is good.

here’s a couple of gay marvine’s

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I can help you there :slight_smile:

Killer record


Cant believe not yet mentioned, cant see on YT anymore

As discussed here
Does anyone have? - #11 by grantham_disco


ah amazing. If you have a minute to record each side please do share!

The LNTG mix of Controversy on the flip is pretty solid too :slightly_smiling_face:


yes please :pray:

Used to play the Peter Black Purple remix of Controversy out at any opportunity. Was big with the Unabombers for a time too


Always wanted this for the FK Megamix on the flip. There’s also a ‘Mad’ version on the twelve. Not sure how much they differ to the OG.

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These are some others that spring to mind

shelter mixes from regisford last two