Bloody good night out

I’m starting this one because yeah, we’ve all had countless amazing nights out for a myriad of reasons and we probably would have to park most of those in the past, but only some in the last few years(especially seeing as cv has truncated our nights somewhat).

So this one is so that you can share your nights out recently that you have loved, and why did it have such an impact. Music is a big one for sure, but location people, spontaneity and god knows what else can all make the night special and stand out.

I’ll start with my last bloody good one.

I recently moved to a new suburb(for me). I moved after several years in the suburbs(sydney australia), never really liked it. This new suburb is generally known for what used to be called “alternative” types. Bear in mind that we haven’t been that long out of lockdown #2.
We met some friends in a pub 2 mins up the road, a guy was playing really good blues, very authentic early jump style. There were a group of three japanese guys there in matching suits. It turned out that they had flown all the way from Tokyo just to see this guy. It was clear that they were having the absolute time of their lives, their enthusiasm was very infectious. We had several there then went over the road to another bar that had a kind of aussie answer to Mark E Smith meets John Cooper Clarke, as funny as it was surprising.
We popped across the road to my place where I did the usual playing tunes etc. A break between tunes led to us hearing music coming from the rear of the house. We went to look and a neighbour 2 doors down had set up a system in our back lane(about12.30 at this point).
We all piled down to see about 50 people having a party in the lane with DJ’s. We invited ourselves right along. The party house inhabitants were aged early to mid 20’s, lovely, open and welcoming bunch. People just kept turning up and by 3am, when we left, there were about 150 people and I had met many of my new neighbours who had just turned up like we had. No trouble, great tunes, lovely people and no police intervention of any kind. It was the best night out that I have had for a very long time.
I love my new suburb and neighbours. One for the memory banks. Faith restored. A bloody good night out.


One of the hallmarks of a bloody good night out is spontaneity, no? Started out as one thing, ended as another. Sounds great.


Yes, kind of why NYE is always the worst night ever. #bahhumbug


Last night I ate dinner indoors in a restaurant with my entire family for the first time in two years. Doesn’t sound like much but it was possibly the most thrilling and disorienting thing I’ve ever done. Goes to show that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.


Think I’ve only been out to an actual club once on NYE. Most overrated night in the year. New Years Day was always the better option.


I haven’t been out since before my youngest was born so probably Summer of 2018, Mercury Rising at Pikes. Dammit we need a night out badly.

On a more positive note I have had too many good nights out to mention/remember


I noticed Secretsundaze have cancelled their ‘Last Dance’ night for just before NYE. Sign of things to come :frowning:


I remember out first meal out after lockdown it was joyous and weird at the same time. My eldest daughter had a pre teenage strop and didn’t talk all the way through after ordering the wrong chips to add to the tension ha. We have eaten out loads since just in case of another lockdown!


Had to wait for the kids to be old enough to get vaccinated. They made a list of 100 things they haven’t done in two years and it was very powerful to look at. Kids are way stronger than adults. Of this I’m sure.


I’ll wait for this thread to take a darker turn before I add mine :innocent:

Think so… Some shit show over here the last few weeks…

Ha, sounds fantastic.

Went to Lucky Cloud on Sunday night with the hang over from hell. Throw up behind a bin after picking up our records from the brewery where we played the night before (playing for free beers always seems like a good idea at the time!) By the time we made it to LC I had only eaten a banana and some grapes but somehow the iced coffee I had on the train brought me back to life so I was able to get stuck into the veggie buffet. 2 plates later and I was ready to dance. From about 5pm it was back2back disco bangers for the next couple hours, in all there 10min plus bongo glory. By 6pm the floor was full and everyone was going for it, a real mix of ages. There was meant to be 8 of us going by covid took us down to 3 but we made it work and danced the whole time we were there til about 9.30pm. The lights, the crowd, the music selection was epic- real life affirming stuff. Im personally not so keen on the speakers, I think that its too quiet, although it was louder than the last one i went too and i want to feel some bass, you really miss it especially when they play some house tracks. Anyway, 5 solid hours of dancing and back in bed by 11pm. Will deffo go again but not sure its worth £30!


Not a best night, but a best weekend. Around twenty years ago I went round to a friend’s house on the off chance to score, ended up an hour later on my way to Glastonbury as his band’s bongo player. I don’t even play the bongos!


Looked not a great venue? What did you think?
Never been to a party there before but I know where it was.
Had details for it to go…but was hanging a from a work doo…sadly

Venue is great, big old hall for dancing with a nice wooden floor. There’s a stage area where the food is served, seating and the bar is. So you can eat and listen to the music. The lucky crowd crew do a great job with the lighting and decor (tons of balloons). I like it! Shows what you can do with a regular old community hall, who needs a super club?


This feels like an entire chapter of a book condensed into a single paragraph. Marvellous.

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most of the memories of nights out I had in London 2005-2012 congeal into one now, but would be really grateful if anyone has incriminating pix or (even better) audio of

  • the first warm/innervisions thing at plastic people in 2006 (and the even messier afters at 54 on commercial street, spitalfields, vague memories having a moment to bunny mack)
  • james holroyd (2004) ross allen (2005) @ AKA - remember ross allen dropping switch a bit patchy and the whole place going nuts
  • the bank holiday carry ons at the old blue last (certified carnage) - Mr C turning up in a fedora and fur coat and it seeming like the most normal thing ever, my pal chucked out for throwing a scotch egg amidst other less repeatable horseplay
  • Michael Reinboth/Danny Clark @ Melange on kingsland road. Reinboth blew my mind (Skwerl All Woman - wow)
  • Lil louis @ corsica (incl a gobsmacking version of why u’d fall I’d never heard before nor since)
  • i:cube @ East Village (2008)
  • Thomas Bullock NYE (2009?) at that place on Leonard Street near the Griffin (the book club or something?) - loads of psych rock. chaos ensued.
  • DJ Pierre @ The Key (2005) + greg wilson in the chandelier room - his fabled ‘comeback’
  • Paramida/Khidja @ Nibiru (2011)
  • Mark Seven @ Brixton POW upstairs (2008?)
  • all the Balearica parties Steve and Graeme did at the London Fields - esp the NYD ones, so much fun

getting a bit nostalgic here. been cooped up indoors for weeks. literally years since I last let loose…


Optimo at Micks garage hackney 29th September 2017 organised by Ransom Note. Such an amazing night. Accompanied other aging men with general expectations and was blown away. Masters of their craft. One of those folklore evenings.

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