Bilbao > Donostia Tips and trips…

Going for our first holiday in yonks, combination of my upcoming 60th and our belated 30th Anniversary.

Plan is to fly to Bilbao mooch around then go Donostia for the remaining. Thinking about 6 days or so.
Usual tips for B&B’s, food and frolics por favor… x

It’s all about the Food :yum: especially the local style Pealla

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Both Bilbao and San Seb are such great towns. I loved my time there.

My favourite pintxos were the Brocheta de gamba at Bar Goiz Argi:

I didn’t get there but I’ve been told Casa Julian is the place for steaks, though its out of town:


Just eat and drink your way around the old town in San Seb and then wake up and do it all over again. Repeat ad infinitum. What a place.

There was a record shop there too around 10 years ago, Beltza records, right next to the market at the edge of the old town. Not sure if it’s still there though, grumpy owner, he wouldn’t let me check Discogs prices on my phone from within the shop but I picked up a few Barrabas LPs.

A week or so after we returned home my wife found out she was pregnant, that’s how good it is :joy::flushed::grin:


ooh good thread timing. I’m also got a few hours in San Seb on 1st September (first time) before heading to catch Manfredas @ NOUS across the border. The beach is very famous. A very elegant city, reputedly the poshest in Spain. And will be heading straight for the pintxos obvs.

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Ooh I so hyped, keep em coming… off to work now but will check back on the morrow. x


Bar Nestor is a great spot for a chuleton. And tortilla. Tiny place so booking recommended.
Gerald’s Bar - the original outpost is in Melbourne and the Donostian version is the same vibe. Local produce done simply and excellently. Great drinks.
Gandarias is a poular for pintxos - they do an amazing steak one off the hot menu - essentially a piece of meat on a piece of bread but so very good.
Ganbara is another ace pintxos spot - the fried mushrooms with an egg yolk is really good.


oh - and add Bar Gorriti to the list

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re SS
+1 to Bar Nestor
I really liked Hidalgo and Casa Urola too, sadly i gather a fuego negro is now closed
Craft beer shop which does takeouts by the beach on RHS
and there was a great cafe near the harbour for churros but name escapes me