Big Audio Dynamite

Been listening to the BAD files (basically DL dump of every remix) & forget how many they had & how ‘dance’ they got whilst still retaining Micks trad rock n roll songs
Remember Adamski on tour circa 89

Massive in Ibiza ( & with Keith Haring apparently)

Balearic cover

Roy the Roach (+ the Judge on the remix)

Chep Nunez on this


You’ve listed my entire BAD knowledge off the bat there! Standing by to be educated further.


Obvsiousy, Medicine Show and E-MC2 are all time faves and I still listen to the first album a lot (the deluxe edition with all the 12’s and versions) but the following albums didn’t click with me at all. Liked some of the remixes/versions though.

Found a cool anthology that was released in Japan and Australia a while back…


i liked BAD but i also really liked PWEI and now that i think about it, that makes sense. i was that age when a lot of this was new.


My early adolescence was heavily influenced by what older cousins/lads at school were listening to, BAD’s first album being one.
Holds some fond memories, and of a time saving up to buy one LP or cassette and playing it to death before moving on to the next.

Not so long ago, I heard In My Dreams from BAD ll’s Kool Aid for the first time.
The Grid’s Floatation was also released in 1990, so not sure if one influenced the other or if both sampled the bass from another source.


BAD also templated Big Beat so you know who blame

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Hadn’t listened to BAD II before.

This is great. And the Stussy sleeve

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Saw them with U2 and Public Enemy in a football stadium in 92. I was only really there for PE but I do recall them putting on a high energy show. I was really into Tack>>Head at the time and I remember thinking that they were on a very similar vibe.

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I loved Megatop Phoenix at the time; the myriad of samples and all the little interludes between the tracks. I always assumed “Mr Chevignon” mentioned in House Arrest was based on a person on the scene.

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