Best rhymes in hip-hop

I don’t know much so educate me up.

Obvious one from me. Clarity, flow, storytelling, dark humour, sheer braggadocio, it’s got it all.

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Outkast - Liberation

Big Rube on the final verse… words, message, cadence, tone… it’s all there.


Often overlooked, but for me Black Moon were among the premier architects of that NY sound in the mid 90s.


Funniest rhyme award goes to Black Sheep’s gangster rap parody.


Nas’ verse on live at the BBQ was his debut on record and made serious waves in hip hop - producers were lining up to work with him on his first album and he took the pick of the bunch.


From start to finish

Here’s one that stuck in my head years ago:

Now I don’t know what y’all been told
But if ya hot ya hot
And if ya not ya cold

Akbar - Hot Ya Hot

Actually…Jay Z - Allure. From start to finish, the Grey Album version.

Absolute stone cold classic and banned on YouTube obvs.

“My women friends get tennis bracelets
Trips to Venice, get their Winters replaced with”

Whole thing is a masterclass.

Was the lou donaldson sample what drew me to this.

The lyrics take the form of Nas writing to his pal locked up in prison, relating to him what’s been happening on the outside.
Like a season of The Wire condensed into 5 mins.
Extra points for being produced by the most talented man in Hip Hop imo, Q Tip.


despite peak 2000s production style which I imwh don’t think ages that well (blaze i still love uuuuu) a much hyped but mostly inconsistant Jay Electronica fires this shooting star into space. verse 2 is wild.

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Did anybody watch the KRS vs BDK Versus?

It was Kane all day for me

Ive never watched a Versuz but KRS Vs BDK is a must to watch, both are favourites from back in the days, over the years though I have a clear favouite out of the two and thats BDK.

Without a doubt

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