Best digital recorder for mixes?

Amazing thanks. Looked into cables to connect it into the phone directly and record as an alternative but after looking at how user friendly and versatile the tascam is will probably go with that

Not sure if tascam are the same, but if they use an SD card, buy a bigger one. I always record as WAV, I have space for 40 odd hours with a 32gb micro SD (I think that’s what I got). Might seem excessive but I hit record pretty much every time I stick records on


Still getting to grips with it but can really recommend the Tascam. Very easy to use and quick to transfer files onto other devices with minimal effort. Great sound quality as well. The only issue is the weird record levels needing to be brought down to zero to avoid distortion. Think someone already mentioned that earlier.

Check in the menu if there is a setting for a db pad for the inputs you are using. On my zoom h5, once the -12db pad is engaged in the menu, i can set input gain/volume at 5 oclock and all is well (or, bit late, but buy a recorder with 32bit float and never have to worry about gain staging again)


FWIW I have an old Roland R-05 that I bought used years ago. Takes AAA batteries that last for ever, records in MP3 or WAV, decent size file support and cost next to nothing.

Takes line in and connects via USB to my laptop showing up like an external hard drive.

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