Best channel for your live DJ streams?

Anyone have an opinion on which video channel is best to do live DJ streams on? I enjoy putting visuals together and I enjoy the thrill of doing it live - it’s the nearest thing to playing in publi right now.

I did it one on my mate’s Twitch channel recently which went well (here it is: Twitch) but I’m not so down with Twitch. For one, it’s owned by Amazon and I’m not really sure about the scene.

So where to go, then? YouTube? Similar problems to Twitch. Mixcloud looks good, but it’s a tenner a month. Any others?

I used to use twitch but have since converted to mixcloud i find its much more specialised towards djing that twitch which is more useful for gamers etc. And if you stream regularly then its worth paying for mixmag pro

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The MUDD show link here

In Australia we have shit internet upload rates, Twitch is very problematic. Would you know how Mixcloud compares? TIA

Mixcloud LIVE is the one for me personally, with them signed up to the royality collection socities i feel they are doing it right plus no issues with takedowns etc :+1:


Thanks so much for your advice, all. Mixcloud Live it is! New show coming soon…
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Honestly im not even sure what sort of internet speeds im getting but ive never had any issues with lag etc. since ive been using mixcloud but twitch used to cut out quite abit


Yeah, as I now understand it, Twitch doesn’t recommend higher than 128kbps for audio, so you’ll be at risk of drop outs if you push the bitrate. Mixcloud recommends 320kbps. Twitch, evidently, is not the place for audio.

Actually did one with Periscope at the beginning of all this madness a year ago, i think it was working properly, we choose this one as there was no copyright issue with tracks muting the audio…
Paired with OBS studio to create the stream, it looks like a capable solution for live video dj sets.

It’s been several months since this post, I know, but I just want to clear up that the “scene” on Twitch is absolutely fine… They’re a lovely bunch on there I’ve discovered. I’m still gonna start a Mixcloud Live profile instead though…