Beats in space

Tim Sweeney’s BIS back in action tonight on apple
Hopefully till pick up where it left off always enjoyed.


Do you need to subscribe to Apple to listen?

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Not sure about subscription (hope not , not apple’s biggest fan)
I think I did read Tim plus guests are to be paid going forward so possibly

Good for Tim to get a few $$$ after all these years but hope it doesn’t get horribly corporate. Apple doesn’t exactly scream underground cool, does it?


Looks like he’s been given free reign to keep the scrappy feel of the show. Good on him, from doing a weekly show for 20+ years for nish to being able to do this. Think he’s more than earned it.


Was wondering the same myself
Good luck to Tim either way he certainly provided a great service with the tracklists over
the years

Yeah agree. Whatever you think of apple Tim has paid his dues


Love that Tim is finally getting his dues (and his paychecks) after all that he has done over the years. I truly hope him nothing but the best as he has provided me with so much great free music over the years…BUT I cant lie and say theres not a little part of me thats gutted i cant listen in / DL on the regular like i did because of the Apple subscription angle…As a massive BIS fan, still happy for Tim / BIS though!


I think it’s cool and he deserves the success but I kinda wish it was still on regular radio. Radio rules.


Yeeep hopefully mixesdb posse get on the case with alternative links…


Great news, always felt like you were in his front room with him and his guests.

2017 onwards the guests no longer caught my attention; whereas before in the second hour music personalities towered above the Resident Advisor swamp, from that point I didn’t feel like missing out when I didn’t check it for a whole month.

Apple should comp Victor from Washington Heights a signature so he can keep Tim real.