Bars in London for dj’s

Hello everyone I’m heading down to London end of the month …can anyone recommend nice independent bars that have DJ’s on weekends that place nice music ? I’m staying in Shoreditch
Any tips/ recommendations would be very welcome
Haven’t been down in years

Two Tribes Campfire
Sweeties (Standard Hotel)
The Gun

Plus I’m sure others have been mentioned on here as well.

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Also HWK in Hackney Wick and Cymon Eckle’s new venture, Neon194 on Piccadily

In London over wkd and popped into Spiritland KX on Saturday. Didn’t hang about long. If they’re going to ruthlessly enforce a sitdown bar, then they need to to turn the vol down because how are you supposed to hear the people you’re with in THERE?! Far preferred Standard over on Euston Road, although drinks prices… :skull_and_crossbones:


Not been for a while but Brilliant Corners is great. Restaurant vibe early on then dancing later. Great music. Also check out the BBE records shop/bar. Saw Louie Vega there the other week. Often good stuff happening. Tip the barman well coz it’s my son. :heart: