Bandcamp Friday

First Bandcamp Friday of the year, I’m sure a lot of you must do a lot of digging and listening there, so what have you bought today/will you be buying?

I’ll start off with a few I’ve bagged:

New Tide Life LP on Growing Bin - Tide Life | The Person

New Jansen Jardin 2 tracker - Black Market Laundrette/The Cowboy Rembrandt Remixed | Max Essa | Jansen Jardin

New Begin track - One Mans Junk | Begin

Chee Shimuzu on ESP Institute -

Salamanda on Good Morning Tapes -

Chari Chari (Kaoru Inoue alias) from a few months back which I missed - We Hear The Last Decades Dreaming (GOS004LP) | Chari Chari | GROOVEMENT


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Bought this, Work, Money, Death- The Space In Which The Uncontrollable Unknown Resides, Can Be The Place From Which Creation Arises on ATA Records, a nice bit of spiritual jazz

A question for Bandcamp users: do you interact in anyway with releases on a Bandcamp Friday or does the sheer volume of releases / messages / info turn you off?

I’m toying with the idea of dropping a new release this Friday but my instinct tells me to give it a miss

They have been running it since early 2020 so Bandcamp must feel there is still some value in it for labels / artists.

Interested to know what buyers, or sellers thoughts are.

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I buy records off bandcamp and havnt waitsd for bandcamp Friday - what percentage do they take?

The volume of email traffic on BF can be annoying but I’ll still get through the emails. If I’ve got tunes in my wishlist/cart I’d probably wait a day or two until BF to buy them.

Edit: although I realise I’ve bought several digital tracks this week already without waiting for Friday!

They charge 10% for physical and 15% for digital

So its a kind of a trade off - do you try pocket that or risk getting lost in the noise

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I usually do the bulk of my monthly Bandcamp purchases on BF but I’ll have in mind what I want to buy already. The amount of emails re new releases, codes etc mean I’m less likely to give my attention to a new release on that day.

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