'Balearic reggae' recommendations

This would be equally at home in the cover version discovery thread - version of Hall and Oates Maneater


Great thread.


Great tune.

As featured on the Lexx Originals comp for full Balearic seal of approval!

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How do I embed bandcamp links? Seems a bit hit and miss for me

I just copy and paste the url at the top of the page.

Thanks - what’s I did above. Maybe it works differently in different browsers? Seems to work sometimes for me and not others

You have to put a paragraph space (return) after (apologies if you already did)

You just need the url : )

It’s now appeared embedded after just being the link before. Mysterious!

I fixed it Andy : )

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Nice one thanks! It’s a common issue for me in Edge btw. I copied and pasted the url for the dubtapes link in the chillout thread and it failed to embed. I can’t discount user error though :smiley:

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Irresistible Brazilian blues reggae from the heart of the Amazon rainforest. A psychedelic guarana induced trip and ode to the fading indigenous cultures and shifting hegemony in Brazil. This one-off release by Manaus native Natacha Fink was originally written in 1986 as the lead track on NOSSA MUSICA – a compilation celebrating regional music from the Amazon.


Nice lovers reggae lite track from 1994 album for Nae Yuuki with lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto and music arranged by Haruomi Honso.

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