Balearic hip hop

Balearic novice here. Is Balearic hip hop a thing?
if I had to hazard a guess I suppose I could imagine maybe some early De La/Tribe/Jungle Brothers working in the late 80s but anything after that probably not?

I suppose even if they’re sampling the right kind of records the lyrical content is a bit of a barrier.

anyway, I’m interested if there is any examples. Also, if you heard NWA at Cafe Del Mar in 1990 share your stories :slight_smile:

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I had that Lucas record as a single when it came out, I’ll have to give it another listen.

Pretty sure he followed it up with ‘Lucas with the lid off’ which had a mad amount of dough spent on the video and its promotion but flopped.

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Long time listener, sporadic contributor!

A few spring to mind aside from the NWA track…

As you say the ‘daisy age’ hip hop of De La/ATCQ always fitted in…the instrumental version of Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That was particularly big with Wevvers and the ‘Balearic Network’ ™

Other tunes that got spun…

Chris Cuevaz - Hip Hop. Not exactly real hip hop but still a big fave. Gotta go in just for the title!
Redhead Kingpin & The FBI - Do The Right Thing (Happiness Mix). Admittedly as above, it’s more house but the snappiness piano gives it a real balearic vibe :slightly_smiling_face:
BLVD Mosse - U Cant Escape The Hypeness (Instr)
Fresh 4 - Wishing On A Star
Young MC - I Come Off (Southern Comfort Mix)
PM Dawn - Set Adrift


This :rofl:

Moon and JB played it as the last tune of the night when they were guests in the main room at the chair. The reaction was priceless.


oh yeah, Young MC I come off is acers as is this PM Dawn


interesting stuff so far, keep em coming!
I think I’ve got a few that might fit the bill then so I’ll try and post them up later

I keep thinking of tracks which are more euro-rap or hiphouse which would probably derail the thread haha

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MC Solaar?


Non monsieur…no that I’m aware of :thinking:

Haha not sure why I quoted that?!?

I’m pretty sure MC Solaar had nothing to with that :joy:

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love that whole album (including the skits)

Probably more trip hop than hip hop. Please feel free to berate me.