Audiojumble Tonbridge March 3rd

I moved out of London to Tonbridge in the pandemic and have seen signs for this only when I am going somewhere else.
It’s basically one large double gym space and a theatre space in a community centre/leisure centre. I’d say 80+ stalls, mainly tables. Very local amateur/old school.

This year, by chance, I saw an advert before it happens - thought I’d share.
No connection to me except it’s my adopted home town.

Tonbridge is on the Charing Cross / London Bridge line about 35-45 minutes.
Or coming the other way also Hastings/Ramsgate/Canterbury.
And there’s trains from Redhill/Gatwick way.

From Brighton I think you have to go in to London and out again, which is a ball-ache and one of the reasons I’ve not yet made it to Brighton!

If you do go, there’s a Wetherspoons on the high street not far away, and a good coffee shop by the castle called 65mm which does breakfasts.

Tonbridge might be the charity shop capital of Britain, not had much luck with the records in them though.


Sunday 3rd March 2024.

The UK’s largest second-hand and vintage hi-fi event is now in its 32nd year!


The Angel Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1SF.

Entry times and prices

08:30am: £20

09:30am: £12

10:30am: £7

No advance ticketing, all tickets on the door. Cash only.

Under 16s are free-of-charge if accompanied by an adult.


No way… i was in Tonbridge last weekend and am there about once a month as my step-daughter and grandchildren are there. Sadly not that weekend though…

I meant to go last year but couldn’t for some reason and can’t this year either. From pictures I’ve seen on Instagram it’s a really good fair for anyone into that sort of thing.

Yeah I’ve got a mate thats obsessed by it. Says it’s very very good.

Thanks for the info. Wasn’t aware of this. I’m two stops further down the line in Tunbridge Wells and I’d also recommend Sugarbush Records for anyone in the area. Three floors of vinyl and CDs.


Did anyone go? I saw this on Instagram. #youthquake

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I went, it was rammed from the 9:30 slot, queues to get in.

A lot of hifi (70%?) that I know nothing about, I went mainly for the records.

Saw people selling blank cassettes in their sealed wrappers, mini-discs, reel to reel tape. Which was incredible.

Lots of rock and pop/trad jazz types not many serious soul/disco sellers.

I walked away happy with lots of bargains on things that I wanted to take a punt on.
Several reggae 12”s (Gladiators, Tippa Irie, Tamlins, John Holt etc) that were £2 each and could have been ten times that.
And some cheap 3 for £5 pop 12”s that had potential (Aretha Franklin with Oh Happy Day for 6 minutes? Adrian Gurvitz, Linda Ronstadt, some ravey records that could have ambient dubs).
I haven’t had a chance to go through them all yet.

I think it’s better for gear than records. I saw plinths, Garrard turn tables, and lots of post it note pricing, so true jumble sale vibes).